Laxatives - substances, reflex affects intestine peristalsis and accelerates emptying.
Laxatives are divided into four groups: salt laxatives (magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate, carlsbad salt); laxatives oil castor oil, liquid paraffin); herbal laxatives that contains antraglikozida (buckthorn, rhubarb, Senna); synthetic organic laxatives (fenolftalein, izafenin).
Saline laxatives due to osmotic effect inhibit the absorption of water from the gastrointestinal tract and increase the volume of its contents. Increased intestinal contents is mechanical factor, reflex stimulating peristalsis. Saline laxatives boost a peristalsis as thin and thick intestines. Their laxative effect occurs within 4-6 hours after administration.
Laxatives oil. These include castor and vaseline oil. Castor oil when entering the duodenum its shades with the formation of glycerin and salts ricinoleic acid. Last annoyed receptors mucous membranes and cause the reflex excitation of peristalsis throughout the intestines. After taking castor oil laxative effect is usually manifested through 5-6 hours. Vaseline oil softens the stool and facilitate their advancement in the intestine.
Herbal laxativesthat contains antraglikozida, act on the colon. The fission products of antraglikozida cause irritation of receptors of the mucous membrane of the intestines and thus reinforce its motility. The use of laxatives this group gives an opportunity to strengthen the activity of the colon without disturbing the function of the digestive tract. Their action comes after 10-15 hours after ingestion.
Synthetic laxatives phenolphthalein and izafenin similar to laxatives contains antraglikozida. They also have pre-emptive action in the colon. Their effect is manifested through 10-15 hours after administration.
At chronic locks, developing due to the sluggishness of the colon, it is most expedient to take laxatives contains antraglikozida, and synthetic laxatives. The use of these tools allows to intensify the activity of the colon without disturbing the function of the digestive tract. In the short-term constipation shown saline laxatives and castor oil; hemorrhoids - vaseline oil. When poisoning usually use a salt laxatives. They are fast, throughout the gastrointestinal tract and also delay the absorption of the poison in the blood.
Laxatives is contraindicated in acute inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity (appendicitis, cholecystitis, peritonitis), during pregnancy, uterine bleeding, constipation, developing caused by a mechanical obstacle (inversion, strangulated hernia). Separate laxatives see Art. the names of preparations (e.g. Vaseline oil, Carlsbad salt, etc.)