Shale industry

Shale industry - mining and processing oil shale. The USSR has the world's largest oil shale industry. Mining of oil shale produced by love and career way. Working conditions similar to conditions of work in underground and open pit mining method other minerals. The microclimate of the underground mine is characterized by positive but low temperature, high relative humidity up to 98%), high velocity of air movement in haulage mines and small in mining.
Dust shale contains from 5 to 8% free silicon dioxide, she vysokodispersnye, the number of particles with diameter up to 2 MK 75-85%. Dust concentration at extraction of oil shale is within 10 mg/m3, sorting offices and at concentrating factories from 8 to 55 mg/m3 depending on the humidity of the processed oil shale, the nature of production activities, i.e. air dustiness often exceeds MPC for silica dusts (SN-71).
Technological processing of oil shale produced with the aim of obtaining high-calorie domestic gas, gasoline, resin.
In oil shale processing plants in production the atmosphere come: dust with the content of silicon dioxide to 15%, carbon oxide, hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, couples phenols, benzene and formaldehyde.
Dust can cause the development of chronic bronchitis and dust pulmonary fibrosis (see Pneumoconiosis).
Work in unfavourable microclimatic conditions, promotes development of diseases of the peripheral nervous system (radiculitis, lumbar ischialgia).
Basic health measures in shale industry are: transition to a chamber shale mining, moisturizing it during transportation, shelter dusty places aspiration of dust on the place of its generation, automation of processes of enrichment, transportation, loading of oil-shale ashes unloading, sealing equipment, especially in places of sampling. Workers coming to work in the oil shale industry, must undergo a medical examination, and further examinations are held 1 time a year. Important preventive means are ultraviolet irradiation, alkaline inhalation, rational nutrition, physical culture.