Hearing AIDS

Hearing AIDS - electroacoustic personal devices used in steady lowering of the hearing.
Hearing aid consists of a microphone, amplifier and a telephone. The scheme of their actions is this: the sound vibrations coming from the environment into the microphone, where the energy of sound waves is converted into electrical energy, the electric energy reinforced through electronic tubes or transistors, enters the phone, where it is converted back into sound vibrations that are perceived by the ear. Hearing AIDS are used phones air and bone zvukoprovodnost. Air phone is inserted into the ear canal, bone pressed against the mastoid. Recently released compact hearing AIDS with a miniature phone, which is held in the ear with a special liner made individually by the cast of the ear (Fig., 1). There are models of hearing AIDS in the form of points (Fig., 2), hairpins (Fig., 3) etc.,hearing AIDS

Hearing AIDS: 1 pocket with individual ear Bud (top right); 2 - in the form of points; 3 - in the form of hair clips.

Indications for use of hearing aid is determined by the doctor otolaryngologist. Selection of hearing AIDS (slukhoprotezirovaniia) is done in special slukhorechevykh laboratories individually after careful examination of the hearing. Expressed sometimes fears that a hearing aid can affect hearing, is not justified. With the right selection and normalized use, they do not render harmful influence on the hearing; in some cases as a result of exercises with the hearing aid is celebrated even improve speech perception.