Handmaiden of theology

The Christian Church did not care about the cognition of the surrounding world and man himself. The salvation of the soul - this is the work of every believer's life. "What can be more absurd than to engage in astronomy and geometry to measure the space and leave the matter of salvation for the sake of searching errors", - he instructed his flock Milan Bishop Ambrose.
The matter of salvation - it was understood to be the salvation of the soul, to which all life should seek a Christian. Searching for the confusion meant any kind of scientific research, attempts to understand the nature and man. Such qualities as curiosity, desire to learn, a desire to seek the truth, the Church has solemnly declared sinful, ungodly.
Church doctrine, his laws subdued morality, behavior, the whole lifestyle of medieval man, even the structure of his thoughts, shades of feelings. The thinking of people like a narrow corridor with deaf long walls. And back don't turn around - there remained sinful, live pagan culture, time polytheism, we have to Christianity. It lit Church candle and led the people, even the light from it just as much, not to stumble accidentally and not be left entirely in the dark.
The Church's faith went on a complete break with the activity of the mind. The Bible declares the wisdom of the world is foolishness before God. Interesting reasoning Lactantius, ecclesiastical writer, a teacher of eloquence of the IV century, the man who took an active part in the formation of the foundations of Christian teaching.
"To ask about the causes of the phenomena of nature, " he said, " that is, whether such values of the Sun, as it seems to us, or it is much more Land, whether the Earth is spherical or pushed in the form attached the stars to heaven or can freely move and so on - to be willing to explain it, in my opinion, perfectly still, as if we wanted to start talking about the device of some distant town, which had never seen, and of which we know nothing, except his name. We would, of course, thought it crazy. As more mad and furious should we consider those who thinks he can know the nature of which most people don't know".
The world with its skies and waters, stars and planets, mountains and rivers, animals and plants created by God for man, taught religion. God set of matching parts and harmony not only in heaven and on earth, not only in the angel and man, claimed one of the reputable theologians, but also in the internal organization of the smallest and the lowest animal, feather of a bird, in the flowering grasses, leaves of a tree.
And what is left for the Sciences? Mighty Church allowed them to exist in the extent to which not affected the foundations of her doctrine. Philosophy, that Royal assistant researchers of the ancient world, the Church was turned into a handmaiden of theology, instructing her to glorify the greatness of God and his created world.
The Church recognized some practical information, because no scientific knowledge she could not. It was a certain set of skills required in the vocational or agricultural practices. But no matter what the findings and summaries they are not claimed.
Real science is based on experience, experiment, generalization long disappeared. Now sources of knowledge at the service of biblical texts. In the course were oral traditions, fragments of the ancient legends, the content of which did not contradict the Christian faith. All achievements of the ancient world in the works of the best researchers in fierce disputes and philosophical quest, who was the pride of man to the vanity and forgotten for hundreds of years.
The mind, light thoughts, aspiration to the truth, so valued by scientists and philosophers of Greece and Rome and were not impressed and did not attract the people. World with its pleasures of nature with its beauty seemed to have ceased to delight man, to bring contentment to his eyes, and comfort the heart. Spiritual impulses equated to sin.
Heavenly life was crushed to earth.