The characteristic mechanical damage

  • Causes of death in case of mechanical damages
  • In forensic medicine under the damage imply a breach of anatomic integrity or physiological functions of the body (tissue)arising from the impact of any factor in the external environment and caused health disorder or death.
    In medical practice, the most frequent damage caused by a variety of mechanical effects.
    Various mechanical damage origin there are often unequal, that depends on many reasons. The set of homogeneous injuries in separate groups in similar conditions or life, called injuries. There are several types of injuries.
    Industrial injuries:
    1) industrial,
    2) agricultural. Non-industrial injuries:
    1) domestic,
    2) sports. Traffic injuries:
    1) road,
    2) train,
    3) water,
    4) air. The military injuries:
    1) war-time:
    (a) combat injury,
    b) non-combat injury,
    2) peace-time.
    In practice forensic expert of occupational injury is rare and is usually the result of non-observance of rules of safety.
    Agricultural injuries as industrial, connected with the introduction and development of new technology. Damages, which arise in the production, mainly associated with violations of labour discipline, in particular with alcohol intoxication. The fight against alcoholism has an important preventive role in reducing not only production, but also the transport and household injuries.
    All funds that may be caused by mechanical damage, subdivided into weapons - products specifically designed for attack and defense, guns - products with domestic or industrial purpose, and objects - all other means that do not have direct purpose (stick, stone and other).
    Qualification funds, which was caused by damage, whether it's a weapon, is in the competence of the bodies of investigation and court, and therefore in forensic medicine such funds often referred to as "the instrument of injury or damaging objects".
    In traumatisation does not matter whether a person's body (or part of it) alone, and moves damaging the subject or Vice versa. The nature and properties of damages are determined not only by appearance of the object (guns, weapons), but also energy, direction, angle, and other conditions of exposure. The main mechanism of injury by the action of damaging of the object in relation to the human body is the impact or compression. But is such effects, which are formed stretching, slide, twist, divide and even the separation of the parts of the body.
    The tasks of the forensic expert is not only specify the damaging of the object (guns, weapons) on the properties and peculiarities of injuries, but the allocation of core damage, resulting in death.
    All items (weapons, instruments), which can be caused by mechanical damage in forensic medicine is usually differentiated depending on the way of their impact on crushing or with a blunt, hard, sharp and firearms. In accordance with the mechanism of the injury distinguish damage hurt, chopped, chopped, sliced, stab and gunshot origin.
    If morphology damage resulting from blunt or sharp objects, substantial, and even the determining factor is the form of guns, then at gunshot injuries of primary importance is the kinetic energy of the projectile.
    In clinical-morphological against mechanical damage divided into bruises, abrasions, wounds, concussion and breaks bodies, dislocations, fractures, razmytye and otklonenie (division).