Mixed tumor

Mixed tumors, lesions, characterized by complex histological structure. Mixed tumors usually occur in the salivary glands, mainly parotid, but may occur in other places (hard and soft sky, the mucous membrane of the esophagus, nose, skin and subcutaneous tissue).
The tumor develops from epithelium. Discover different patterns: epithelial, slide - and grawerowanie that are associated intermediate forms and pass each other. Mixed tumors can occur at any age, slightly more often in women. The tumor usually characterized by a benign course, is growing slowly. Macroscopically has the appearance of a host of different density, lobed structure, in terms reminiscent of the cartilage to parts of osoznanie. Clinically in the salivary gland is palpated tumor dense, painless. Treatment and surgery. Frequent relapses, possibly malignant transformation.