Sleep AIDS

Sleeping pills - drug substances that contribute to the onset of sleep and providing it with sufficient duration. To sleeping pills tools include a number of derivatives of barbituric acid: barbitala (see), phenobarbital (see), barbanel (see), barbitala-sodium (see), teminal-sodium (see), gasometrical (see), cyclobarbital (see), as well as different chemical structure of matter: oxyron (see), tetradin (see), bromizoval (see), carbromal (see), chloral hydrate (see). Different sleeping pills have different duration. The least long it at gexobarbitala (3-4 hours), the longest in barbitala, phenobarbital, chloral hydrate (6-8 hours). An intermediate position is occupied cyclobarbital, exeron, tetradin, Demarin, barbanel, teminal-sodium. As hypnotics are also some antihistamines (Dimedrol, pipolfen) and so-called minor tranquilizers (e.g., seduxen).
Sleep AIDS with a shorter duration of action is prescribed for the violation of falling asleep. Hypnotics means of prolonged effect is used in cases where the normal sleep, but sleep is short or not deep enough. Sometimes sleeping pills used as sedatives (in small doses). When using long acting barbiturates (barbitala and phenobarbital) possible side effects: weakness, fatigue, headache, dizziness. With long-term daily admission barbitala or phenobarbital due to the slow removing them from the organism possible accumulation (see). Prolonged use of sleeping pills can be addictive, i.e. gradual reduction of sensitivity to the use of the substance that requires increasing dose (within limits) or destination of hypnotics from another group. In rare cases, sleeping pills cause the development of drug dependence (see Drug abuse).
Acute poisoning drugs means an urgent need to induce vomiting; inside appointed magnesium sulphate and make washing the stomach with a 1% solution of magnesium sulfate. Along with this use stimulants caffeine, kordiamin, korazol, strychnine, mezaton, ephedrine, Carbogen; the patient warm, intravenously inject saline solution or 5% glucose solution in the form of hot; produce a blood transfusion, artificial lung ventilation.