World of our dreams

This topic needs a very serious conversation, and therefore, she should send some General observations. The fact that the question of understanding the nature of dreams, as strange as it could seem at first glance, is directly related to the question of the origin of religious belief.
All religions, regardless of whatever nation they may exist, in what languages and continents they may espouse, surprisingly similar to each other. They are like twins, and identical. Every religion necessarily includes two blocks of view: first, the doctrine of the God or gods Almighty power, ruling the world, second, the doctrine of soul and body, about the dual nature of man. Why are so similar religion of different peoples?
The answer to this question should be sought, of course, the origin of religious belief. As the solution was offered a lot of versions. French enlighteners of the end of XVIII century was decided the question is very simple. The Holbach wrote that religion evolved from meeting a fool in a deceiver. In the activities of the Church fathers was, no doubt, as many deceptions, providing benefits to the clergy that polemical enthusiasm was born corresponding opinion about the roots of religion. Of course, it does not stand any criticism. The lies have taken place, but in most priests were, no doubt, honest people. Sometimes striking resemblance of different religions led to the idea that primitive people were trained this some aliens who visited our Land, and then one people borrowed these beliefs from the other.
However, no need for such assumptions are not. Will agree at once that here we have to trot out the Occam's razor. What is this cutting tool?
This instrument is proposed in order not to cut things and bad thoughts. Medieval philosopher and theologian William Occam said a statement: "do Not smyslah excessive entity. In other words, if the same phenomenon can be explained on the basis of already known and knowledge of truths, it is not necessary to put forward new suggestions, which have themselves need proof. Occam's razor to cut away the unnecessary speculation and logged in science under this name we will use again and again. Apply it in this case.
There is no need to assume the appearance of religion in one of the nation and the subsequent borrowing other. Religious ideas naturally arose and could not occur in the depths of every nation when it is in its development has grown to need to explain the world. These views were definite stage in the development of human consciousness, and all the people passed through them.
The first part of any religion - the doctrine of the Almighty divine forces - emerged, as we all know from school years, because of the need to understand the elemental forces of nature. Thunder, lightning, earthquake caused the people of constant fear. When there is a need to understand what it is, the first explanation, of course, was the idea that some powerful creatures shake the earth and the heavens. Born gods - each people in its time. Another explanation of natural disasters, people did not have, and this explanation begs itself.
The second part of any religion - the doctrine of dualism of body and soul is also arose from the need to understand the phenomena of life. The root from which grew a split of our beings on the material body and immaterial, intangible soul - the inability to explain the dream. Imagine primitive man, who just began to think over what is going on. How could he explain dreams? Next someone fell asleep. It would seem that it is off from the life, the lies, as an inanimate object, not to communicate with the others. Meanwhile, waking up, he says he was at that time far participated in some or other events, saw different people, often already dead... How was it to understand? Each nation was finally some primitive "genius"who guessed that from the body with the onset of sleep, something going out somewhere wanders. The body is lying as if lifeless. This then something is returned, and the body comes alive. No one can override these views, for no other explanation, at first, could not be. Thus, misunderstanding of dreams played an important ideological role, and it is led by people's perceptions of the world in the wrong direction for a long time feeding religion and idealism.