Dreams and dreams

Having understood, that the dream is a combination of fancy bound traces, we must, naturally, be asked: why woke up it is these images brain film" and in that order, i.e. what are the specific reasons dreams? The causes of these exist. Every dream and, moreover, each element has its own reasons. Their three groups: external signals, signals from the internal organs, traces the daily experiences. Here are some examples.
External signals. 200 years ago has described this fact. A man sleeps on her back, opened her mouth. Some of the antics pours into his mouth a few drops of water. The man, continuing to bed, turned over on his stomach and begins to make a swimming motion, wakes up and says: he dreamed that he was crossing a river and had had enough water. Sometimes there is an indirect link between sleep and signal it is hard even to understand, where did the dream. Each of you probably dreamed following: you are in a public place, say in the theater, suddenly look at yourself and you are horrified, because you don't have no clothes, I do not know where to go with shame. Immediately Wake up, emit a sigh of relief - thank God, this is a dream. Why is this? You have during sleep just slid the blanket, you are really bare - here and dream that you are in such an inappropriate manner. Another example - dreams-flights. We dream that come from the bed into the air, soar freely over the earth, then gently down on the bed... In this case, the cause of dreams - the phenomenon of adaptation, getting used to our senses. It consists in the fact that, taking in the soft bed comfortable position, we very quickly how would you get used to the pressure of the bed and stop perceiving it. Of course, this could only happen in a comfortable bed. Hero of Chernyshevsky's novel What is to be done?" The Rakhmetov, sleeping on nails, could hardly feel in my sleep feeling of flight. If we adapt, we really feel ourselves as if in a vacuum, and there is a corresponding dream. Actually, we fly almost 100 minutes of REM sleep, but remember this is only the case if before the revival ever turned. Children usually Wake up instantly in the posture in which slept at the last minute. So they keep in memory the impression of a flight. Adults usually before waking up tossing and turning, and at last 30-60 seconds of sleep not have the status of skin sensitivity, adapted to the pressure of the bed.
Signals from the internal organs. Little girl woke up and cried. I had a dream that her right side was bitten by a big dog. It turns out, began an attack of pain in the liver. Who does not know the dream about the toilet overflow bladder or rectum? One 30-year-old man told me that in his childhood he suffered nocturnal enuresis. He used to dream that he is in the toilet, and it behaves as expected to behave in a particular place. It was cured, and the dream has changed dramatically. Now he dreams about the following. He walks down the street at night and feels that it would be necessary to facilitate the bladder. Comes on the pitch, but here comes the passer-by; we have to refrain. Decides to go around the corner - there saw the policeman; collapses in the doorway - there he meets a street cleaner with broom. Thus, he is restrained until wakes up. It is clear that all this dream about him in the last second before awakening, or he never would have remembered this dream. It signals from the bladder woke him up, and the dream was actually in the period of the revival.
When dreams caused by pulses of internal organs, is also an indirect link between sleep and signal. Who never dreamed of, for example, the following: you're being stifled, you are short of breath, hardly dropped from a foe, Wake up with a sigh of relief, realizing that this is a dream. What is the matter? It turns out that you just buried his head in the pillow. You are suffocating - and that's a dream that someone is choking. Another example: the dream that you have somewhere to fail, startled and wakes up. Here we have a typical dream associated with signals from the heart. Everyone knows the feeling of awe in his breast that occur when falling down - jump, quick flight down on the swings, etc. Feeling this occurs because of a momentary interruption of cardiac activity, the so-called extrasystoles, which often occurs at the initial moment of weightlessness. Mentioned the feeling of awe in his chest closely associated with the situation of falling down, in the first moment which occurs weightlessness. If in a dream by night happens for some reason beats - because of discomfort, awkward postures and other, - there is a feeling of awe in his chest, with him and the corresponding dream. It is clear that here it is the sense of awe in the chest us and woke up.
As we can see from the number of the above examples, dreams are usually associated with those causes that us awake. It is not surprising - after all, if we didn't Wake up, the dream remains.
Traces the daily experiences (thoughts and feelings). He who is before going to sleep, played chess, often continues in a dream to move figures. Who played dominoes, and continues in a dream to slaughter a goat". One person told me (of course, jokingly): "Sleep is sometimes true informs the near future. Dream about me the other day, sitting in the meeting. Wake - sleep in your hand, in fact at the meeting they sit".
In every moment on sleep are literally hundreds of these reasons. All of them are waiting for that dream turned into shape fast and they could call a certain dream. Because combine different reasons, the same signal is repeated on different days, may cause unequal dreams, depending on the "accompaniment". For example, one scholar wrote what he dreams every morning at the sound of the alarm clock. On the first day dreamed rushing with a crash, fire engine, the next day - a village junket bells and other Reasons are clear: for example, the first day of scientist at bedtime stared into the flames of the fireplace had a fire; the next day he went to sleep badly after supper - dreamed junket.
Not always we can, of course, to identify the cause of a particular dream. For example, we met on the street friend, talk with him. This impression has sent us signals to the brain, formed trail. At this time in the stomach also occurred any event - a crust of bread turned to a non-standard way. In the brain, too, went signal, formed the second track. Both traces associated with each other. After a month during REM sleep in the stomach repeats the same event, and we see a familiar face. If during this dream by the ear crawl fly, this signal will contact revived after the meeting in the street, and when a few days fly sit at night in place of the skin, once again we see the same face. Of course, almost to establish similar causes, in all cases, impossible. What is clear is that they always have.
It happens that some times we see the same dream. This is, of course, because it acts the same reason, for example, the same signal from the stomach or kidney.