Combined application of surgical treatment methods and natural factors

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Depending on the functional state of the body, especially of the digestive system and control systems, these factors are appointed by different techniques. In the medical purposes they are used by the weakened methods, as noted instability management systems and instability of local mechanisms of regulation of secretory and motor synthesizing and evacuation function of the main digestive glands. Rehabilitation (recovery) purposes, on the contrary, these factors are more intensive methods, when certain stability functions of control systems and support systems. In these conditions, physical factors are used for the development of protective and compensatory mechanisms of regulation of the functioning of the body. Depending on infringements of secretory and motor and evacuation function of the main digestive glands, and adaptive systems in the medical rehabilitation complex can be included sinusoidal modulated currents, decimeter wave therapy, ultrahigh-frequency electrotherapy, etc. These factors are applied according to different methods with different intensities and in various combinations with mineral waters and healing mud.
After operations on the organs of abdominal cavity the use of natural therapeutic factors acquires the large the replacement value. The sooner they are used, the less adverse impacts from these operations.
Who does not know that after any surgery on the organs of abdominal adhesions formed (as a natural process, necessary for the healing of postoperative wounds), not only between the skin and underlying tissues (skin, we see the scar), but also on the organ, which operated between the authority and the peritoneum, and often between the seal and the wall of the intestine, liver and gall bladder, pancreas and stomach, etc. Development of adhesions is undeniable fact, but the question is, what consequences it may lead. Many patients nothing occurs after surgery due to the fact that local morphofunctional changes so compensated, which ensure the normal activity of those sectors or bodies that were in the area of operative intervention. The other part of the operated due to the formation of dense adhesions in them involved neuro-vascular elements and there is pain. Sometimes the pain is so strong and permanent that allow them to live and work. Finally, some patients develop violations of the motor and evacuation function of the stomach or intestine, and not after the operation, and in the long term after her, when man forgets about this operation. A number of patients sudden bowel obstruction - the so-called strangulation ileus, when during the emergency operation can determine that spike is an obvious obstacle for movement of the contents of the colon.
Thus, it is obvious that after surgery on the stomach or intestines, the liver or the pancreas, uterus and appendages adhesions formed, which in some cases occur without adverse consequences, in other cases these effects are the basis of development of adhesive disease with severe complications. Often the disease is accompanied dyspeptic phenomena and pain, rarely an obstacle for the proper functioning of the organs of the digestive system. In the latter case often have to resort to surgical intervention to remove this impediment.
Therefore, great treatment, prevention and rehabilitation importance is the use of natural therapeutic factors for primary and secondary prevention of adhesive disease. But these factors should be appointed not by the months after surgery, and in early terms after it. Naturally that the question about the use of converted or natural therapeutic factors for these purposes could only be provided smooth, without postoperative complications of the disease. But even when there were any complications, the use of these factors is vital because, in such cases, the inevitable development of adhesive disease and total inactivity, decrease the body resistance, the occurrence of unexpected complications, in which fresh air, motor activity, drink mineral water or introducing them inside with the help of different methods, the use of natural or artificial mineral baths, physical and therapeutic procedures have great medical-recovery value.