Combined application of surgical treatment methods and natural factors

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Persons who have had operations on main arteries in connection with varicose or thrombotic disease also need at the stage of rehabilitation in the differentiated use of mineral radon or sulfide baths, sea or river bathing in combination (depending on the condition of the blood circulation and tissue trophism) with physical-therapeutic factors. These rehabilitation measures are especially important if the patients had indurative-ulcer stage of chronic venous insufficiency since restoration of venous outflow still not eliminate the infiltrative and especially dystrophic process in the distal part of the leg. In addition, these physical factors play an important role in removing lymphovenous insufficiency, improvement of trophism and suppression of infection in the tissue of the affected limb.
In recent years, have been widely used surgical intervention for different diseases of the lungs. This is due to a significant increase in the frequency of chronic pneumonia. Their "permission" proceeds with great difficulty, so when you turn off the lobe of the lung or an entire lung, especially in the development of bronchial ecstatic disease, treatment of choice is surgical intervention.
Of course, even at the absolute indications for surgery (wide bronchiectasis, the lung tumor etc) removal of the lung causing significant restructuring in the gas balance as sharply decrease the intake of oxygen and removes carbon dioxide from the body. The body has a large compensatory opportunities aimed at decreasing oxygen demand and to reduce the accumulation of metabolites and carbon dioxide. First, the intensity of work of the excretory organs, especially the kidneys and skin; second, strengthening the process of linking metabolites and their disposal, and, third, developing a vicar (increased) function remaining light and intensifying the activity of the hematopoietic system. However, this process is lengthy and requires appropriate treatment-and-prophylactic corrections. We refer to them aerotherapy, therapeutic exercises, especially bronchopulmonary apparatus, aimed at the development of respiratory muscles and improve blood circulation to the lung. For these purposes, patients should be in the first days after discharge from hospital is aimed at a local country sanatorium. Coaching motor activity with increasing load, special procedures to enhance pulmonary respiration, prolonged stay on the air, verande treatment and sleep on the air when the weather permits, as well as special bronchoscopic treatment and preventive measures enable to successfully complete the first stage of treatment and rehabilitation of these patients.
The second phase of rehabilitation, having the important social value that begins in 3-4 months after the surgery. These patients are sent to the southern coast of Crimea, and also on the national and local resorts, where there are specialized sanatorium for people who have had operations on the lungs, which is qualified rehabilitation assistance.
Multistage treatment and rehabilitation of such patients helps to overcome difficulties arising in the surgical treatment of various bronchopulmonary diseases. These complex surgical and conservative measures to the same extent necessary adults, teenagers and children.