Socio-economic basis

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The natural tendency of economists to improve the regulation of labor, to accelerate the implementation of technically sound standards and norms is considered by garagegames and as the need to develop scientific foundations of physiological substantiation of norms. The fact that the technical labor standards should meet the requirements not only of technology and Economics, but also the physiology of labour. Without psycho-physiological substantiation of norms of labour, it is impossible to provide one of the main principles of regulation under socialism - optimal quantitative ratios between different types of labour and physiologically substantiated modes of work and rest in order to obtain the maximum production efficiency at the lowest cost of labour and the preservation of the health of a person for a longer period.
However, for all the diversity of modern understanding of the objectives of regulation and ways of scientific substantiation of norms in the literature examines the aspects of age differences functionality and corresponding regulation of investment of time, effort required number of workers. The objective need for a differentiated approach to the assessment of severity, intensity and harmfulness of work in relation to persons of pre-pension and pension ages in the same way as for adolescents and women, whose work in socialist countries is protected by the state, was shown above. In particular, we believe that at physiological substantiation load, modes of work and rest for workers older working age and for working pensioners should reflect the main features of the dynamics of their health and fatigue: the lengthening of the period of work, reduction of the period of high sustainable health and lengthen recovery time functional parameters to the initial level. The duration and level specified periods health of an individual depend on the conditions of work and complexity of the work.
To reduce the period of work elderly worker is particularly important precise organization of the production process, providing the rhythm of work from the very beginning of the shift and the production process, which allows you to start with the simplest, most waste elements and gradually Refine them. Longer maintenance period of sustained high health among older workers contributes to the work of the pace and rhythm, according to the level of functional state of the body and the previously developed persistent work stereotype, in other words, common clear and rhythmic work in the conditions under which individual regulation her pace.