Sodoku (sodoku; synonym disease bite rats) is an infectious disease characterized febrile seizures, rash, lymph nodes. Marked sporadic cases of the disease in many countries of the world; in the USSR is rare.
The causative agent of sodoku - spirilla (Spirillum minus) - thin short spiral with 2-3 turns size 3-5, less 15 MK. The gone anaerobic, well-mobile. In the environment of unstable, cultivated with difficulty. The source of the infection rats. A person infected by the bite. It is also possible infection by ingestion of infected saliva on the wound in the skin or mucous membrane; described laboratory contamination. Often the disease is registered in cities with low sanitary culture of the population and in the presence of a large number of rodents. Morbidity among children can prevail. Spirilli from the site of the bite through the lymph system penetrate the regional node, multiply, then you can enter the blood stream and internal organs (kidney, adrenal gland, testis, and others).
The clinical picture. The incubation period is 10 to 14 days. Onset of acute - with chills and fever to temperature 39-40 degrees. Appear fatigue, muscle and headaches, on the site of the bite - pain, dark red infiltrate with necrotic ulcers. The spleen is enlarged. Possible regional lymphadenitis (see) and lymphangitis (see). On the 2-3rd day of the disease is marked polymorphic, usually maculopapular rash. Bouts of fever with chills repeated from 4-5 to 20 times, culminating in a critical temperature drop and profuse sweating. In 5-8 days of remission occurs relapse of the disease. In the blood, leukocytosis, and neutrophilia, hypochromic anemia, ROE accelerated. The forecast is favorable for life. Complications: anemia, rarely jade, conjunctivitis, specific bronchopneumonia, mental disorders, endo -, and myocarditis. Differentiating with malaria, recurrent fever, brucellosis, tularemia, tuberculosis, brucellosis, disease "cat scratches" (see Felines), and other
Laboratory diagnostics. For detection of the pathogen produced a study thick drops of blood in a dark field of view and intraperitoneal infection of mice or Guinea pigs.
Treatment. Apply penicillin intramuscularly in a dose of 800 000 IU a day for 6-7 days.
In cases resistant to penicillin, apply streptomycin, tetracycline antibiotics.
Prevention: deratization activities (destruction of rats), construction of impervious to rodents premises. Specific prevention is not developed.