To maintain health and youth - to bring up the will

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Anastasia was returning home from work tired. Spring Sunny day was pretty heavy. Once the head of its scientific work warned of the possibility of appearance of difficult moments, oppressive their uncertainty, forcing to spend a sleepless night, constantly ask ourselves: where are admitted inaccuracy, how to find the bug seemed to be strictly complied with the conditions of the experience? Recommended in such cases to switch on physical training, sports, be able to find the optimal load, the most favorite forms of exercise.
Did it this advice? Most likely, Yes. And now thinking she was interrupted by a sudden desire to jog or go to the pool, dive into the blue with a greenish shade of cool water and swim, swim... Anastasia knew favorable impact of running, swimming movements, water. Their refreshing effect, brought vitality, boosting the overall tone. Easier it became to live, to solve complex problems.
Once Anastasia seemed the work of a researcher is interesting, attractive, brings only the satisfaction, the joy of discovery that whatever it was had to be done.
Now, after many years, sometimes unbearable trials, failures, she knew the price of each day, given to science. It were well acquainted tired of constant tension of thoughts, feelings of weakness of the muscles. Sometimes you had to sit for hours in the laboratory for observations, notes, analysis of the received results; numb hands, suffered from back, neck, there was pain and heaviness in the legs. And her happiness that she at one time had learned to shoot this fatigue systematic exercise.
In his student years Anastasia long and hard did exercises and even sports. In school he participated in competitions on skiing, ice skating, visited a section of gymnastics. Since then remained unexplained thirst movements. Urban road she preferred to walk, although she lived and worked in quite remote from each other districts of the city. On weekends liked to hide in the forest, walking paths, enjoy the open fields. Sometimes it was necessary smell of mown meadows and ponds, overgrown with wild rosemary and sweet flag. Anastasia was happy that the love movement, nature has been able to impart to their children.
She was, as always, easy, rapid step, and suddenly remembered that he had promised to go to her friend's student years OLE R. Few years ago they met by chance at the city lectures. It was very crowded. Anastasia gave a lecture on the benefits of physical culture and sport, she asked a lot of questions. Take long discussion, the time dragged on, and when she later, tired, went to the dressing room, she was approached by a woman of indeterminate years, plump, with a very familiar face. Anastasia strained his memory, but at first could not remember who it is? Only then, after uttered by the woman of few words, she recognized Olga, once the darling of the whole course. It has been many years since they studied together, were friends.
Olga is on the fourth course I got married, gave birth to a child, and her husband lived in hostels. In Anastasia's life turned out differently. It was a difficult way of implementation the only dream - to become a researcher, he demanded to be immersed in the special scientific literature, constantly engaged in experiments. The lack of free time for personal life has brought her and irreparable losses, experiences. 's true. now surrounding thought her quite happy. After all, her favorite work, good loving husband, nice children. And she had to agree with this opinion.
"How young you look, " said Olga, carefully examining a former girlfriend. The figure has remained as before, but remember, you called Brigitte Bardot", - Olga laughed his pleasant chest voice. Perhaps, only the voice and cute smile reminds the former Olga.