Than to drink child: juice or tea?

Needless to include in children's menu a traditional tea? This is an article about what drinks are good for your baby. The reasons of harmful influence on the child's body tea and coffee, recommendations on the use of tea for children of different age.

Follow the diet of their babies, mothers often overlooked such an important moment, as drinks for the child. The main restrictions and rules known, of course, all (though it does not guarantee adherence to them): soda harmful effect on digestion, coffee toddler can even get poisoned, sweet drinks cause tooth decay. But few people know about the dangers of such a popular drink, as juices and tea. What's wrong? And something to drink child?


Any types of tea: red tea, white, green and black contain caffeine. It is known that in all kinds of tea it a bit... for adult. But in the son and the small amount of caffeine can have a strong effect. Incomplete Cup of strong tea or more cups of weakly brewed beverage can cause crumbs such adverse reactions as legkovozvodimykh and tearfulness. The regular intake of tea, then there is a constant flow in the body of the child caffeine, will develop violations such as anxiety shallow sleep with nightmares and insomnia. Also, nervous excitement negatively affects the heart, the process of growth, increases the production of stomach acid, which can lead to early gastritis. It should be noted that the caffeine in coffee contains much more than in tea, so it is contraindicated for crumbs to 13-14 years.
Another active substance, which is in tea is theophylline. It doubles the effect of caffeine, but also recognized as a potent diuretic which "washes away" from the body more useful substances. In addition, in case of respiratory diseases this substance may increase the temperature, and this is a reason to think than to drink a toddler.
All kinds of teas in various quantities of vitamins, the largest number of b vitamins, but their receipt in the body in large volume hinders the absorption of iron. So for young children especially not recommended black tea, which can cause anemia. We should not forget that the antioxidants that are part of green tea and strengthen the immune system, are assimilated only at high concentrations. And it is necessary to correlate the harm and the benefit, as a large number of data elements gets into the organism only with large amounts of caffeine.
For these reasons, you should not put a tea menu karapuzov under 2 years. After 2 years you can drink child weakly brewed tea with milk. And within a week the child should not consume more than 3-4 cups. With 8 years old kids can brew more strong tea, but the child it is not necessary to give later than 3-4 hours before bedtime and just before the walk.