Sun, air and water - friends or enemies?

"The sun, air and water help us always...". These words once popular songs today seem a truism. But not every truth proving to be so conclusive...
Let's start with the sun.
In fact, the sun is a powerful source of health. Its rays to kill microbes, improve metabolism, contributes to tempering of the organism. This is especially noticeable in summer, when the sun at all latitudes generous and all without exception bestows his "hot location.
But abusing the location of day shone not follow, for of each other it can turn into your enemy: may cause burns, General malaise, nervous excitement. And the pursuit of records as part of the sun very often ends sad: because overheating can happen sunstroke. Besides its basic purpose "recordati" seek not always. Each of you have, perhaps, to see on the southern beaches unlucky "sun-worshippers" with burnt, flaky on the shoulders and back skin.
Does it mean that the sun need to be afraid? Of course not. Now to get used to it really should gradually and sun, so to speak, moderate portions, periodically increasing them.
The best time for sunbathing from 9 a.m. to noon and in the evening from 17 to 18 hours. In the first days of sun bathing should last no more than eight minutes, two minutes on the chest, on the back, on the right and on the left side). Then day by day, this period can be extended for five minutes. But at the end of the holiday when you burn already not threatened, should not be in the sun for more than an hour.
Sunbathe should lying on a special cushion, concealing his head from direct sunlight, but not a "turban" of towels, which delays the evaporation of sweat and a light scarf or Panama.
Remember! Sunbathing is possible only after one or two hours after meals, and certainly in no case not on an empty stomach!
Now on the air.
Air baths is also one of the means of health promotion. When properly used, they improve the activity of the heart and the skin breathing, hardened body, adapting it to sharp fluctuations of temperature, strengthen the nervous system. This simple and accessible procedure can be combined with morning gymnastics, tourist trips and just the afternoons. You can start in a room, at a temperature of 20-22C and then go into the open air, to lower temperature. The duration of the air baths can be made up to one to two hours.
Here, as in fire, harmful can only be the excessive haste and excess. Do not allow a "goose skin", chills and excessive sweating. In all these cases the procedure should be discontinued.
And, of course, the best and most energetic means of hardening is bathing. However, the tool is also of benefit only if certain rules are observed. After a long break, you cannot begin to swim, if the water temperature below 17-18 degrees of air - less 19-20 degrees.
In the first days do not swim more than five minutes in the morning and in the evening. You can gradually increase the duration of bathing to 15 - 20 minutes. You cannot enter the water hot, and after running until the heart will not enter into a normal rhythm.
Many, especially those who rest in the South, trying to "harden"a mixture of a long stay in the sun with the same long swim. Nothing good from this "hardening" should not wait. First of all, frequent alternation of sunbathing, swimming weakens the nervous system. And besides, even in the hot South when this mode is easy to catch a cold, and seriously. But such a perspective, I think, no one is satisfied with...
Summer is the perfect time for hardening of the organism. Only this should be done wisely. And then the sun, air and water will actually become your friends.
A. A. Timofeev, candidate of medical science