Solyutizon (Soluthizonum; synonym tibon coffee; list B) - TB drug that is effective in resistance of tubercle bacilli to other anti-TB drugs. Solyutizon shown in tuberculosis of the upper respiratory tract, chronic fibrous-cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis, as well as in preparation for surgical treatment of patients with chronic fibrous-cavernous tuberculosis. Assign local 1 per day in 1-2% solution (2-5 ml) in the form of aerosol inhalation or for lubrication and introduction to the larynx and bronchi. Treatment rates for 20-45 days. When treating sometimes there is irritation of the upper respiratory tract, coughing. Contraindicated solyutizon with individual intolerance. The release form: powder. Keep in a dry, dark place.
Cm. also anti-Tuberculosis drugs.