The dream is of great importance to the health of child

From the first months of a child's life it is necessary to observe a mode of a dream, because, according to the teaching of I. P. Pavlov, the dream is "saving", conservative value for the brain. No holiday would nervous cells first to depletion, and then to death. This is especially important for children, because his brain by the time of birth has not yet completed its development. During sleep, rest and the entire body, slowing down all vital functions: safer working heart, rarely done breath, relax muscles.
Gradually endurance cerebral cortex increases and the dream of the child changes, namely to increase the periods of wakefulness.
Normal newborn baby is awake at night no more than 2-3 hours. Up to 3 months, the child should sleep 10 hours at night and four times a day for 1.5 hours. After 3 months, the child can sleep 3 times day with preservation of a 10-hour night sleep From 10 months to 2 years old baby should sleep twice a day for 2 hours and 3 years is once a day for 2-3 hours. With 5 years of a child should sleep less than 12 hours a day with compulsory daily rest for 1.5 hours. Sleep at the age of 7 shall be 12 hours without a day dream, 10 years - 11 hours, 12 years to 10.5 hours, 13 -10 hours, for children aged 14-15 is 9.5 hours.
Remember that cooking to sleep, the sleep should always be done strictly in the same hours as the time factor is a conditioned stimulus, contributing to the onset of sleep.
Professor N. I. Krasnogorsk, who has long been studying the effects of lack of sleep on the General condition of the child, found that even a two-hour sleep profoundly changes the state of the child. Infants may be noted the daily fluctuation in weight: normal sleep they gain weight, poor diminishes. Sleep disorders can be different: insomnia, upset mechanism sleep disorder depth of sleep, its duration and, finally, Wake disorders. The causes of these violations can be different. Shallow, restless sleep can occur in the newborn child, if the period of his pre-Natal existence was dysfunctional (illness of the mother, bruises, experiences) or unfavourable was a generic instrument. Sometimes sleep is disturbed at diseases of internal organs, inappropriate nutrition, skin diseases, unhygienic maintenance of the child, painful conditions of the nasopharynx, as it upsets the breath of a child and so on, But very often at the heart of sleep disorders lies wrong attitude us adults to children. Adults often do not comply with the mode of feeding, sleeping, waking; at the first cry of the child, take him up and begin to rock, and sometimes children intimidate or punish.
Suppose a child is unwell or mother wanted in an outburst of passion, to revile him before bed on hands or tell a story, sing a song, view the "interesting" TV program and go to bed later than usual. This can be done more than once, and our actions, making her a conditional stimulus to sleep, give the child a desire to repeat that because it feels good. He begins to require repetition of these conditions with the help of screaming and crying. In these cases it is impossible to be angry with the child, not to intimidate, but it is impossible to go on about these requirements. Conditional reflexes have the ability to fade away, if we won't support them. Some kids they fade quickly, others more slowly, but the process of extinction is inevitable. To replace them, we must try with the first days of life of a child to develop a conditional reflexes on the falling asleep in response to a simple and useful stimulus. For example, you can teach a child to fall asleep putting it on the air, what should be done gradually and at first at a temperature not below 5 degrees. The first days of the duration of the sleep in the air should be 20-30 minutes, following days up to 2 hours 2 times a day. Carry a child to sleep on the air but they say two weeks of age. Walks, you need to gradually increase. In the summer you can carry a child to sleep on the air for the whole time of his day dream. In very cold days dress your child so as to walk, and put to bed by the window with an open window.
You can develop a reflex reaction to sleep on time, i.e. with the first birthday of the child to put him to sleep in the same hours, respectively's age. Head of one of the kindergartens tried to check on compliance with the sleep mode the children which parents take home for the night. Of the 80 children in 9 hours (they should go to 8 hours) went to bed only five, some not slept in 11 hours and 7 hours mom already awakened them.
Do not allow children to play loud before sleeping, listening to the radio, watching TV, allow reading the wrong books. It is necessary to protect children from family conflicts.
Sleep five-year Sasha recently became alarming. Boy, screaming up in the crib, did not recognize others tried to escape. From a conversation with his mother revealed that favorite pastime Sasha was watching television. He told me excitedly and hastily: "Fee for fear", where a man fell from the machine, Case Rumyantseva.
With a cry: "mother, Mother!" - were rushed to the mother of three summer Sergei D. not recognizing others. His thin body was trembling with fear, the face was covered with droplets of sweat from his eyes reflected the horror, as Sasha, and mother said that these States appeared the boy after viewing the film "Dog of Baskervilles".
Restless sleep and poor sleep had seven Nadi, favorite pastime which has been reading books. "Once I read the book "Aelita" - a wonderful book,said to me girl,and now when I go to bed, I think Mars is approaching the earth, and I will hear the voice of Aelita, - can be very afraid!"
In children under the age of 3-4 months restless sleep, wince during sleep, crying may be the first symptoms of the developing rickets. We must show the child's doctor as timely treatment will save the child from the disease. We should carefully to treat sleep disorders, because they cause neurotic condition in children.
Family life in the same room is not a hindrance to create the necessary conditions. Is it so difficult from the first days of life of the child to provide him with a separate bed? And it protects against many diseases that are transmitted by contact way. In addition, the dream child will be much safer. The room should not be cluttered, cot must stay away from heaters, as the child is not tolerate overheating. The mattress is best to fill horsehair, sea grass or bast. The pillow should be flat, as the high position of the head may cause the child's first year of life curvature of the spine. Bed and linen must be perfectly clean. Never dispose of soiled linen on the floor for a store, buy the pot with a lid.
Swaddle baby is not recommended - this impairs the circulation of the blood, prevents normal breathing and contributes to the appearance of the rash. The head should be open. Crying baby you should never take his hands or to put him in bed. Do not overfeed children. To fill the child must be on the right side, so that the stomach does not put pressure on the heart. The hands of the child must stay on top of the blankets, or it can be trained to put them under his head.
If the family lives in one room, it should not be a barrier to compliance. You can speak with each other, but not very loud, and you can include radio, television, but not at full capacity. These monotonous stimuli even contribute to the development of carotid braking, and never forget to open the window: fresh air contributes to the development of normal sleep.