Achievements of physiological Sciences allowed to date deeply to penetrate into the inner mysteries of the brain. Today we can distinguish two groups of phenomena. In one are already solved in one way or another old riddles in the other remaining until the unknown, including those arising again. After all, science, solving some tasks that puts others. Science is limitless, and the deeper we look into a specific space, the clearer realize the abyss of the unknown. Happens and so, that explanation, which seemed previously undisputed, again questioned, and that seemed obvious, again become a secret.
The first group of phenomena, much is already known and requires further exploration in the number of private areas include sleep with his interesting companion - a world of dreams, lethargy, sleepwalking, hypnosis, so-called experiments transmission of thought at a distance, etc.
The second group of phenomena that remain unclear, cause many disputes and doubts, are the phenomena, embrace today the notion of the psychic.
In this and the two following talks will attempt to briefly consider two groups of phenomena and to state that today knows about science. Tomorrow she will certainly know a lot more, but will put forward new questions that today we are not concerned, because we simply do not know about their existence.
Double miracle sleep
Sleep is the most common. However, people always are interested in it. This interest exists since the most ancient times and continues unabated to this day. Due to this interest for two reasons for sleep acts as a kind of double miracle.
First, stepping after each and every day, sleep is amazing, truly a miraculous way to restore our strength. In the morning we again fit and healthy.
The dream is our third life. Who lived 60 years, that twenty of them spent in sleep state. In itself this one role of sleep in human life could not but attract their attention.
Secondly, sleep acts as a kind of miracle, and because that is associated with a number of phenomena that seem mysterious, almost supernatural: hypnosis, sleepwalking, lethargy and, of course, first of all dreams. About hypnosis, lethargy, sleepwalking vast majority of people know now only through the media. When such means have not been, these phenomena were known only to the few people that are with them directly experienced. Meanwhile dreams I saw every or almost every. Since the most ancient times, people could not think of what are the paintings that occur before sleeping consciousness and amazing strange contents.
Due to a misunderstanding of dreams thoughts on the duality of human nature, the dualism of body and soul, led to a supplementary system of representations. If the person died, soul forever leaves the body. It should, therefore, to place somewhere, and in the imagination of the people has formed the outlines of the Kingdom of the afterlife. Upon the occurrence of sleep the soul leaves the body temporarily, it will return. Had to resort to certain, so to say, then. In some cultures it is forbidden to carry sleeping in another place. Was afraid that the soul will not find its shell. The other Nations were forbidden to drastically change the appearance sleep, for example grow beards. Was afraid that the soul does not know his "apartment" - it is gone-it bearded!
Today, we, of course, far from such beliefs that existed when the mind of man was still in the cradle. However, a number of misconceptions about sleep, and the dreams are still there. So every literate, educated man should know that in fact is the basis of these phenomena.
Modern science can explain these phenomena lot of really interesting.

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