How long eventful sleep?

Like any natural, physiological phenomenon, dreams are not only for their own reasons, but its features.
One of them, very interesting, is temporary, fleeting dreams. French scientist beginning of last century spent the night in the hotel. Above his bed with a thick stick hung a curtain canopy. Sleep took him twenty years ago, in the era of the French revolution. It sees itself noble aristocrat. Rich people are arrested, executed. Arrest him. He sees himself in prison for interrogation. Turns out its relation executed Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. Sentenced to death penalty. And early in the morning, by the light of torches, take him to death. Bring on the square full of people, which is dominated by machine penalty - the guillotine. Its main part, as you know, was a heavy knife, which is falling, he chopped his head. Convicted lead to the scaffold, the sentence is read, put your head on the chopping block, the noise of falling knife of the guillotine, another moment and... he woke up, and woke up from a blow on the neck with the same crossbar that hung it over the bed and accidentally fell. Of course, all seemed to be long sleep and only then began when deeply sleeping man was hit, shook him. For those few moments, during which he came to himself, in the brain and rushed sleep. Sleep might consist of only a few frames: picture revolution, the execution of the rich, arrest, imprisonment, interrogation, the sentence being taken to execution, brought herself penalty. Just 8-9 pictures, promelkom for some moments in the brain, has created the impression of a long and terrible dream. The gaps are filled with imagination. Hence, the time in dreams - imaginary time, the same as in the movie, as in thought. The roll of film per minute will tell us a thousand-year history of any nation; the gaps are also easily fills the imagination. Do not be surprised that sometimes Wake up to an hour to tell how much nachilos, but remember you can only what you've dreamed in the last half a minute or a minute, the rest don't know. Now we understand that for half a minute will ever be as much as an hour will not tell. So "pressed" event in our dreams.
I must say that sometimes, apparently, dreams can occur in the real time. We are with someone in a dream long conversations, go to sleep, see the following "series" of the sleep, then another, and so on, this Happens in case of long-acting the same reason dreams, and every minute we Wake up for a moment, and therefore no time to lose "thread". However, it happens that repeated "series" we see at intervals of 1-2 hours or more. Here about the continuity of dreaming to think is not necessary: just us every time awakens the same reason (noise going all night rain etc), which resumes interrupted in the previous period REM sleep interview with a friend or compete in the race.