Good or bad dreams?

As of the flies is the elephant?
Another interesting feature of dreams is that the signal is weak, acting on a sleepy brain, cause in the dream impression of strong irritation. In fact, many water poured into his mouth stavshemu on the back man? Of course, he poured a few drops, and he dreams river, the mass of water. Another example. Scientist dreamed that he leads with someone hot scientific dispute, pacing the room. Suddenly, violently struck his head hanging from the ceiling lamp and breaks it into small pieces. Waking up in pain, and in the forehead a bite of the mosquito. There is great pain from a mosquito bite? Meanwhile the man dreams that he is forehead broke the lamp. A dream in the literal sense of the word makes a mountain out of a molehill. This phenomenon is quite natural. Nerve cells do not need to be either in full excitement, either in full braking. They can be halfway. One such intermediate States between excitation and inhibition called paradoxical. When a nerve cell is paradoxical condition, it strengthens weak signals, reacts to them as strong. Apparently, in the fast sleep nerve cells are not completely exempt from braking, and goes only to that of the intermediate state. Therefore, as a rule, from flies do the elephant.
The question on biological value of dreams for the body. Useful or they are not relevant inevitable beneficial Supplement to the sleep state, known imperfection?
On this doubt should not be. Dreaming, of course, have biological importance for the body. They have and in animals. Scientist-hunter argued that the moves of his hunting dogs during sleep he just can say, what pleasure she was in a dream - hare or Fox, because the motion will be different. The benefits of dreams is that they are like an outlet for our feelings, emotions. We can deperiit in a dream that negabarita awake to take the soul.
Perhaps in those 99 minutes REM sleep, we do not know that dreamed, we who should be prigotovit - kiss, who should be fun beating up - beat. Eventually Wake up happy soul took. So usually the mood in the morning is always better than in the evening. In such emotional discharge and is the benefit of dreams, their biological value.