Mountain ash

mountain ashmountain Ash (Sorbus aucuparia L). It is collected at the end of September - in early October or after the first frost. At this time, the fruit is fully Mature. Bright orange, they all fall decorate the forest.
Ripe fruit of mountain ash contain ascorbic acid, vitamins P, K, carotene, lemon, Apple, sorbic acid, pectin compounds, bitter substances, alcohol sorbite, sugar sorbose, seeds contain glycoside, amygdalin and fatty oil. The pectin in the presence of sugars and organic acids capable of geleobrazovaniju, and it helps the binding of toxins in the intestines and release excess carbohydrates. Paracorymbia and sorbic acid Rowan found over a hundred years ago, only in recent years has attracted the attention of researchers. It turned out that they inhibit the growth of microorganisms, fungi and moulds. They have been used as preservatives in food.
Sorbitol reduces the fat content of liver and cholesterol in the blood. There are powder and paste from the fruit of mountain ash. No wonder mountain ash has been used in the people as cholagogue.
Apply Rowan in fresh and dried as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent in vitamin deficiency. After all, the content of carotene its benefits exceed the number of varieties of carrots. The juice of fresh berries recommended at the lowered acidity - one teaspoon before eating. Dry fruit and fresh juice of the fruit of mountain ash are shown in hypertensive disease.
Collect Rowan when fully matured. Low trees shields with fruit tear hands, gently nagiba branch. With higher - use pruners attached to a long sticks. In the collection you cannot break off a branch of mountain ash.
Dried fruit of mountain ash in well ventilated areas in dryers or in Russian furnaces at a temperature of 60-80 degrees. In good weather, they can be dried in the open air under a canopy, rassypaev thin layer and stirring occasionally.
Mountain ash particularly elegant autumn. Among Lacy leaves glow orange brush. All autumn they will decorate the forest. Has long been fond of the people of mountain ash, not only with their beauty, for their healing properties became famous. In medicine, its fruits are used at the diseases accompanying vitamin a deficiency, in particular in case of anemia.
More than 30 species of Rowan is growing in our country. But the most common of them are mountain ash. A tree is a forest dweller. Loves the rich soil and grows well somewhere under the canopy of trees, forest glades. Helped people to move a mountain ash on the streets, in the squares. Looks great, bears fruit abundantly.