The composition of waste, rate them

The sources of waste in communities themselves waste diverse. For the proper organization of activities on elimination of waste need to know the average rate and the nature of them.
Distinguish between liquid and solid wastes. Liquid winks to the rubbish include excreta, rubbish, waste water (industrial, bath and Laundry and others), solid - waste (home and street), waste and junk food residues, manure and other
The total annual volume of waste in cities and towns is very significant, and without proper organization of cleaning of life in human settlements would be impossible (table. 5).

Table 5. Average rates of accumulation of waste
Kind of trash Unit of account Accumulation rates
kg m3
Domestic waste
Sewage (in an impenetrable wyrebek)
1 person a year
The same
" "
400-2000 *

* 400 kg refers to vygrebami, permeable for the liquid part of slop, 2000 kg - to impervious vygrebami.