Vascular noise

Vascular noise sounds, listen on large arteries and veins.
In a healthy person over sleepy and subclavian arteries are heard two tone: the first depends on stretching their walls pulse wave and the second - from the aortic valve closure. On other arteries in the normal tone is not heard; with a weak pressure on the artery stethoscope appears systolic murmur (see). In infants vascular noise is heard over a large fontanel, in women in late pregnancy - over the uterus.
In aortic heart diseases (see) over sleepy and subclavian arteries listen wired systolic, rarely see diastolic murmur. At insufficiency of the aortic valve on the shoulder, radiation and femoral arteries usually listen to one tone, sometimes over the last hear two tones (dual tone the Traub), in case of compression stethoscope - two noise (double noise Durose). The noise over the hip and shoulder arteries often appear with anemia, fever, thyrotoxicosis, vascular noise - at aneurism (see), atheromatosis and compression of the arteries. Continuous blowing noise of the jugular vein (noise top) are heard at sharp anemia.