Vascular suture

Vascular suture - the kind of surgical suture imposed on the wall of a blood vessel. Distinguish: circular vascular suture (around the entire circumference of the vessel), side (on a significant part of the circle), parietal (in a small area of the vessel). Application: injured blood vessels, blood and arteriovenous aneurysm, the creation massoudieh anastomoses, plastic and reconstructive surgery on the great vessels with atherosclerosis and endarteritis. Vascular suture is applied by hand (seam Carell, seam Morozova) and mechanical (see staplers).
Patient with superimposed vascular suture needs careful monitoring in the postoperative period in connection with the danger of a massive (life-threatening) bleeding (see) or thrombosis (see) a vessel in the area of overlapping seams. Cm. also surgical Sutures.