Sossoudossoujiwath funds

Sossoudossoujiwath funds - the drugs that increase the tone of blood vessels, resulting in decreased clearance.
There are sossoudossoujiwath funds of the Central and peripheral activities. To the substances Central action includes some of the stimulants nervous activity (see) - caffeine, korazol, kordiamin, camphor. Drugs peripheral actions are adrenomimeticescoe funds (see) - epinephrine, norepinephrine, mezaton, ephedrine, naphazoline - and some drugs posterior pituitary (pituitrin, vasopressin).
Sosudossoujiwati effect adrenomimeticescoe funds due to the initiation adrenoreaktivnyh systems vessels. Vasopressin and containing pituitrin act directly on vascular smooth muscles, causing it to decline.
When suction sossoudossoujiwate means increases blood pressure.
The major indication for the use of sossoudossoujiwath funds is acute circulatory failure (shock collapse). Sossoudossoujiwath funds are also used in case of chronic cardiac insufficiency (hypertensive disease, hypotension in infectious diseases and others). In the latter case, the most appropriate use of caffeine, kordiamin, ephedrine, mezaton.
Sossoudossoujiwath funds from the group adrenomimeticescoe tools are widely used locally as anti-inflammatory agents while rhinitis, conjunctivitis, as an addition to local anesthetic means to extend their reach and reduce bleeding.
Sossoudossoujiwath funds used for resorptive action (camphor, korazol, kordiamin, and others), is contraindicated high blood pressure, atherosclerosis. Adrenomimeticescoe sossoudossoujiwate means contraindicated in chloroform, tsiklopropanovom and ftorotanovom anesthesia because of the risk of ventricular fibrillation.