Council of nurses

Council of nurses is created in all major medical and preventive treatment institutions, which have at least 15 sisters in one shift. The Board is elected at the General meeting of the sisters. The composition of the Council is approved by the local Committee and by the order of the head of the medical-prophylactic institutions. The activities of the Council are chaired by Deputy head physician on medical or one of the doctors. Council of nurses working under the plan approved by the head of the institution.
The task of the Council is to increase knowledge and practice of nurses, improvement of organizational forms of their work. To this end, the Council organizes seminars, lectures, conducts scientific conferences with reports sisters for the exchange of experience, the promotion of excellence, organizes thematic activities, such as care of postoperative patients, medical nutrition, etc., the Council creates brigade, a fee for the examination and verification of the work of nurses, and nurses. The Board reports on its work at the General meeting of nurses.