The Soviet Union is

In this collection we will tell about some of the exhibits presented in the Soviet section of the third international specialized exhibition "Health care".
The apparatus high-frequency electrosurgical EHVC-500. Designed for cutting soft tissue and simultaneously coagulation of the blood vessels by high frequency currents. Works in cutting, coagulation and consumption.
Electrosurgical apparatus for high frequency gynecology EHVC-180-1G. Used for cutting soft tissue and coagulation of blood vessels in gynecology. Provides "soft" cut and high quality of performed operations. Has automatic blocking excluding an electric shock to the patient and staff. Does not require protective grounding. The device has a wide range of tools mono - and bi-polar.
Ultrasonic medical surgical setting UZUM 7th. It is used for performing operations on biological tissues: cutting soft tissue treatment of bone tissue, separation of soft tissues and peeling them away from the bone, stop bleeding at the capillary level, treatment of purulent wounds.
Ultrasonic device for carpal surgery USH-f-01-T. Designed for cutting soft, cartilage and bone tissue, osteotomy and dilations when conducting trauma surgery on hand. A system of automatic maintenance of oscillation amplitude of the acting tool in the process of operation, and sound an alarm system from a lack of fluctuations affecting instrument. The set of the device includes two acoustic node with a set of six interchangeable tools to alternate work during the operation.
Installation of the ultrasonic surgical ORSK-7H-18. Is intended for ultrasonic treatment of biological tissues. Operating frequency - 26,5 kHz and vibration Amplitude of the longitudinal fluctuations of the working end of the tool - 30 microns.
Urological range of tools and equipment "Baikal-2". Is used to destroy, the reduction and extraction of ureteral stones without surgery. The complex is equipped with a set of small lithotripters with replaceable crushing tools ensuring fragmentation of both fixed and mobile ureter stones, and protection of walls of the Ureter from the effects Drobysha energy. Total time of crushing stone - 5-60 S.
Device for applying the polymer Paroshin. Used when applying the transport and treatment Paroshin by creating a hard skeleton-type deep langenau bandages fractures, sprains and other injuries. As a material for manufacturing of PENOSIL the device utilizes a two-component composition of the type "Penetron". The device provides precise dosing, feeding and mixing of the components of the composition to achieve the consistency suitable for blending and shaping inosine directly to the injured area. Time of mixing of the components of the composition of 15-20 C, the time of hardening - 5-10 minutes
Bioelectromagnetic for flexible gastroscope with fiber optics KAC-1. Designed for cold exposure and electrocoagulation of pathological formations on the surface of the stomach and duodenum. Temperature of the jet at a distance of 1-30 mm from the nozzle tip of the probe (-30) - (-50)OC S.
The apparatus artificial circulatory AIK-6,05 (LIS-5). Is designed for the temporary replacement of pumping ability of the heart and lung gas exchange function during operations on the heart and great vessels. Provides a measurement of the maximum values of blood pressure in the arterial highways and temperature, blood, speed and volumetric feed roller pumps, digital indication of the transaction time, and dosing gases by means of pneumatic dispenser.
The device accessory blood circulation "Sinus BK2". Applied for the treatment of patients with acute heart failure in the conditions of cardiology clinics. Provides implementation techniques bypass heart ventricle, direct mechanical cardiac massage and anteriormedially perfusion counterpulsation; cardioinhibitory the blood stream with a total perfusion in the conditions maximally close to the physiological; phase agreement with the heart in the prescribed delay and duration of discharge; adjustment of the steepness of the wavefronts impact; visual inspection forms ECG and pressure curve in the air chamber working body.
Apparatus for ultrasonic surgery USH-201. Is used in ophthalmic surgery operations on the eyeball, orbit, lacrimal passages, and also in plastic surgery of the face. Allows operations such as dacryocystorhinostomy, osteoplastic orbitotomy, orbitotomy for neoplasms, plastic surgery for rubyunix the deformation age, layer-by-layer keratoplasty with corneal leukomas, antiglaucomatous operation, excision of tumors of the ciliary body, reconstructive operations in the anterior segment of the eye and other
Laser system "Sayany-MT", "Romashka-1", "Scalpel-1 laser surgical instrument "Scalpel-2". Ensure full aceptic for surgical operations on organs of gastrointestinal tract and biliary tract, skin-plastic and gynecologic interventions in the treatment of purulent and infected wounds. Allow to perform operations with minimal blood loss, increase the speed of operation, reduce post-operative pain. Simultaneously with dissection can be biological welding operated organ.