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Save graceful figure is not so difficult. However, on this account, write a lot and very easy to get lost in the abundance of diverse information. However, there are some very specific advice, do not pose great difficulties, but extremely effective.
First of all, you need to count calories of food intake. The daily rate of calorie consumption for women who are not engaged in physical labor, should not exceed:
2200 calories for women aged 25-40,
2100 -"- -"- 40-60 years;
2000 -"- -"- -"- over 65 years.
The following condition is out of consumption of alcoholic drinks. We must not forget is that one small glass of sweet liqueurs (liqueur) contains 70 to 100 calories. Also, it greatly affects the body. Even A.P. Chekhov wrote: "Alcohol slows your metabolism, promotes deposition of fat".
It is also necessary to give up sweets, dough products, cereals, potatoes.
You cannot eat between Breakfast, lunch and dinner. If necessary lunch, you must be satisfied with only fruit (one or two apples).
Not to abuse salt, refuse seasonings, improve taste of food, but also sharply stimulating the appetite.
And, of course, we already know the main condition of preservation of health, normal weight and vitality is the systematic physical activity in the form of daily morning gymnastics, walk on foot, the refusal of the Elevator.
Sometimes there is an irresistible desire to eat cake, candy. Parties to 30-35 years is quite acceptable, but it is necessary to spend the excess energy of the corresponding physical activity such as running, fast walking, outdoor games.
This is advice for those who want to maintain a healthy weight. However, if the aspect ratio is already broken and the scale inexorably drawn to 10-20 kg above normal, according to the scheme: the growth rate of minus 100 cm plus or minus 2 -5 kg, respectively constitutional body type, you must get serious about reducing its weight. In this case, you can, for example, for 3 days a week to eat some fruit recipe: daily - about 1 kg of fruits (different), which should be divided into 3-4 servings. The course is repeated three times in 4 weeks.
In addition, within two weeks to reduce the ordinary rate of consumed calories to 1200 provided that it is not planned at this time, hard physical labor or intellectual. You can drink water, tea and coffee, but without sugar. Food is almost no salt.
The recommended daily menu:
200 g boiled lean meat, or 300 g of lean fish; 500 g of vegetables (used without fat); 200 g green salad;
75 g rye bread (better bran or grain); 150 g apples or pears;
20 g butter or better 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil;
1 tea (flat) a spoonful of sugar;
2 cups of milk or yogurt.
From a mono-diet can be recommended in addition to fruit milk: 5-6 times per day a glass of milk, kefir or curdled milk.
Very useful for obesity is curd mono-diet, especially those with impaired function of the liver and bilious ways: during the day it should have 4 times in 150 g of cheese and drink broth hips (0.5 cups at the reception).
Adjusting thus your diet, you need to do intensive physical exercises, walking, once a week to visit the bath (steam) or sauna. In the days that followed one or the other mono-diet, you can limit the light exercise.
We offer the following complex of exercises for those who want to lose weight and to maintain a good shape. It must be enabled in daily exercise, morning gymnastics. Anyone can do them in the evening (for two hours before bedtime).