The secret of success SPA is, of course, unique Wellness treatments, a special atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure. After all, the SPA is a whole culture of rituals and water treatments, which has existed since ancient times and is inherited. In Russia, the first SPA salons appeared about 10 years ago, and now exist in all cities and holiday homes, resorts. For a short time in the SPA you have to balance the physical and spiritual strength. One day, you can relieve stress and to raise the tone with massages, stone therapy, water treatment. To water procedures include: swimming in the sea waves, mineral water inside and naruzhno, hot tubs, water massage, baths with herbs, pine needles and algae. Many prefer to include in the menu SPA bath - Turkish bath, Roman, Russian, Finnish. The range of services of SPA resorts is unlikely to fit on three pages. This is a specialized steam drums, and healing of the soul, pool with thermal and sea water, Facials and body treatments, lymphatic drainage massages, scrubs, wraps, programs to combat obesity, aesthetic surgery, preparation of special healthy menu, the services of doctors, nutritionists and many more.
If you want to relax in the SPA a couple of days, you will benefit from special SPA hotels near Moscow. A very popular SPA resort Pine Village. This hotel is located just 20 km from Moscow, near the village of Zvyaghino. It is the ideal place for people who look after their health, lead an active way of life, want to lose weight, relax, relieve stress. This SPA hotel is located between the old pine trees, perhaps that is why it is called "Pine village". Here you can go through such procedures as: swimming pool with geyser and massage jets, steam bath and sauna, and offers massage therapists and beauticians, body wraps, herbal bar. This SPA hotels of your choice will present several programs from which you will choose the most appropriate. No less famous hotel Imperial Park Hotel and SPA. It is located on the banks of the river next to the pine forest. The hotel is famous for such procedures as: chocolate and mud wraps, bathing in red wine, honey massage. Here you can undergo SPA facial treatments. This program hydration, dealing with stress and aging. The rich choice of fresh juices and high teas you can find in fito-bar. Such SPA - hotels near Moscow for those who are too limited in time and cannot afford to go to the resort.
If time permits, it is better to go to a SPA resort, in a couple of weeks. Such a vacation you will remember forever. It offers individually designed program of diet, normalize metabolism, relieve fatigue, get rid of cellulite and wrinkles. A very popular Russian resort SPA as Caucasian mineral water. Today, the resort is recognized as the world. Its main advantage is mineral springs and therapeutic mud. This resort combines five cities: Essentuki, Pyatigorsk, Zheleznovodsk, Kislovodsk. At these resorts offer functional diagnosis, mud therapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, dentistry, hypnotherapy, and a number of special SPA programs. In Pyatigorsk can be found radon keys that actively contribute to the rejuvenation of the body and only on the European territory.
The most famous holiday hotel in Gelendzhik - "Kabardinka" is located on the shore of the black sea Bay of coniferous trees. Here you can find tennis courts, swimming pools lagoon-type, a children centre. Due to its subtropical climate here is easily restore youth and beauty, to treat joints. Very famous radon, coniferous and sea, pearl, carbonic baths.