Thank you, mom!

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The rays of the setting sun heat and gently glided among the tall pines, long their reflections ran away, where it was getting dark a solid wall of trunks and how stubbornly started to crawl out of the dense shadows of the evening.
Anastasia just read a lecture at one of the factories of the city and quick step was returning home on the Avenue of the old Park. Today she tried to convince the audience of the benefits of regular physical exercise many drawn from life examples. She told about people who because of physical culture and sport were able to remain always cheerful, healthy, young, and those who got rid of many diseases, managed to prolong active life, constantly exercising your muscles. She knew a lot of such people. Some of them turned to her for help, complaining of their state, and then by believing in the urging take exercise, became healthy again, cheerful.
This Dasha, pleasant-looking girl from a jewelry shop, suffering from chronic bronchitis, and aunt Tanya, nurse, which in addition to obesity was other illness - liver pain, and Peter, a distant relative of Vladimir, her husband, a stout man with eternal shortness of breath, tortured sleepless nights, nightmarish visions, and many others. Some of them have become involved in groups of health, visit Foca, other independently exercises, run, swim, have a great interest in tourism. All cured motor activity. And how much it helped to get rid of not only physical ailments, but also to purchase composure! The main thing is to understand the need for optimal impact on the muscular system.
Take for instance the case when Anastasia had to advise the patient Tamara, 22 years old, who had a diagnosis of chronic gastritis stood in question.
Exploring the history (history of the disease; living conditions preceding the disease), Anastasia was convinced that the girl first of all suffers from a lack of physical activity. It angered sluggish atonic muscles, paleness Tamara. It turns out, after school, she never participated in any athletic event, had no idea about the need for morning exercises. Worked as a typist, a house for her everything was done by the mother. Illustrative case when the patient needed to prescribe the "movement". And she sent Tamara in a hall of physiotherapy exercises, and then, by writing her from the hospital, has gradually managed to burn her attention to physical education. Tamara enrolled in group health, regularly attended classes, with the onset of winter did a lot of skiing. Systematic movement exercises had an immediate action. The girl improved appetite, appeared cheerful attitude, disappeared apathy. She no longer complained of poor sleep, disappeared pain syndromes. Motor activity won disease that can progress. The whole reason was chronically developing hypokinesia young organism.
Who doesn't want to remain young for many years, health? But it needs to constantly be working hard on yourself, to learn to rouse oneself, to educate willpower since childhood. Many misfortunes in life happens because of the lack of people skills to command himself. It is to order.
Anastasia remembered Olga, with a difficult fate that befell this woman. But Olga is still at one time managed to order myself and now was beautiful even in his great grief. It made it even more perfect, because she was not afraid to work hard on a persistently, stubbornly, daily. I remembered the line from a poem by the poet Y. Drunina:
            Easy life to desire
We will not:
No one on the earth.
Wish you good people,
Just hold on tight
In the saddle.
To be able to "stand firm in the saddle! It does not come. Physical and spiritual training.
Anastasia was glad that actually married with Olga, Sergey Olga's son - now and her son. It is very similar to his father, Andrew, but Anastasia doesn't scare this resemblance and possibly similarity of characters. She was almost certain that her children will live according to the laws of beauty, the struggle for physical and spiritual perfection. Because the main panacea ever - motor activity in their cancers, and they will go through all your life. Her favorite girl, Alyonushka, grew strong, healthy physically and morally. It will be a good wife and mother, she will be able to master this art. Anastasia was not afraid of this word, it is the art of being a wife and mother. It is necessary so to understand, to strive for it.