Adhesions (synonym: synechia, Smarty) - fibrous bands, by which bodies are covered with serous membrane (in the peritoneal, pleural cavities of the heart bag), spliced between themselves and with the wall cavity. Adhesions can form also in joint cavities. They are rarely congenital, often are the result of the inflammatory process. Are adhesions from fibro-fibrous tissue that contains blood vessels and nerves. Sometimes after operations or inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity formed by a large number of adhesions, in such cases say adhesive disease.
Spikes limit of normal mobility organs (intestines, lungs, heart), cause a shift of them than violate their normal function. Sometimes spikes pull intestinal tube and cause intestinal obstruction (see). The formation of a large number of adhesions can lead to the complete obliteration (obliteration) cavity (pleural, peritoneal, heart bags). The overgrowing joint cavity leads to the development of fibrous ankylosis (see Ankylosis). In spinach may occur bone. You should be aware of the presence in spinach blood vessels that are in the surgical dissection adhesions can be the source of bleeding.