Antispasmodic - medicinal substances, removes a spasm of smooth muscles of blood vessels, bronchial tubes, digestive tract, cholelithiasis and urinary tract. Antispasmodic divided into miotroponogo and neurotropic. Myotropic spasmolytic funds have a direct effect on the smooth musculature. These include papaverine (see), sultolin (see), salsolidine (see), eufillin (see), DIPROPYLENE (see), theobromine (see), theophylline (see), triacetin (see), Dibazol (see), hloratsizin (see), dieteren (see), disproven (see), devinkan (see), kellin (see), fascinatin (see), delcarmen (see), Dowerin (see), angetroffen (see), ingrepen (see), magnesium sulfate (see Magnesium).
Neurotropic antispasmodic cause spasmolytic effect by inhibiting neural activity that causes spasm of smooth muscles. This impulsaciu can be slow at the level of the Central nervous system by using sedatives (see). That is why a part of many combined spasmolytic includes substances with sedative properties. It was found that spasmolytic effect of nitrite and nitrate - dithranol (see), nitroglycerin (see), nitrosorbid (see), Trinita (see) is defined not only by the direct mechanism of action, but the depressing impact on vasomotor centers.
Nerve impulses that cause spasm, can come or sympathetic (adrenergic) nerves that Innervate the vessels, or parasympathetic nerves that Innervate the alimentary canal, bronchi, cholelithiasis and urinary tract. In accordance with this sympatholytic funds (see) and adrenolytic funds (see) is apparent in relation to vessels, and atropinopodobnye holinoliticescoe funds (see) - on other smooth muscle bodies. Ganglioblokirute funds (see) have spasmolytic effect in both cases:
A number adrenomimeticescoe funds (see) - adrenaline (see), ephedrine (see), the izadrina (see) - are apparent in relation to the bronchi, the smooth muscles which they relax.
Antispasmodic widely used in medical practice. In diseases associated with vascular spasm (stenocardia, cramps cerebrovascular, endarteritis, Raynaud's disease and other), use myotropic spasmolytic, ganglioblokirtee, sympatholytic, adrenolytic funds (see Vasodilator). In bronchial asthma using atropinopodobnye, adrenomimeticescoe tools and myotropic spasmolytic drug (aminophylline, DIPROPYLENE, papaverine). They extend the bronchi clearance, resulting in normal breathing.
Diseases of the digestive tract, cholelithiasis and urinary tract, accompanied by cramps (hospital disease stomach and duodenal ulcers, spastic colitis, cholecystitis, gall and kidney stones), treated with atropinopodobnye and ganglioblokirute funds and myotropic spasmolytic, which, reducing or eliminating spasms, thereby cease attacks of pain spastic nature (cramps) and restore function of digestive tract, cholelithiasis and urinary tract.