Protective footwear

The protective footwear (spec. shoes) - individual shoes, given out work for protection from exposure to occupational hazards - heat, cold, moisture, chemical and radioactive substances, electric current, vibration, mechanical effects, etc. Especially necessary protective footwear during liquidation of accidents, repairs. Hot workshops shoes should protect from burns by direct contact with hot metal from the falling sparks and splashes. The footwear is made in the form of boots or polosatov, the front surface of which is smooth to protect against splash of metal, with a side angle cut and with easy drop-down straps. Boots without incisions impractical, because it's hard reset feet accidental release them molten metal. For this Shoe uses heat-resistant, ofta, tarpaulin with panaraga of pile fabrics, felt, coarse cloth. Soles are made of heat-resistant rubber with sock felt with kocasthana. The danger of accidents wear protective leggings of asbestos cloth on fire retardant lining. To protect from moisture shoes must be water-resistant and waterproof boots made of rubber or leather, treated with a water repellent substances).
For protection against cold is applied shoes, made of heat-shielding materials: fur, felt, coarse fabrics, heated UFTI, synthetic fabrics. Lining for such footwear is made of heat-insulated materials; used as a supplementary insole.
For work with electric current, high voltage in order to isolate the earth and wires are used dielectric rubber galoshes or bots. Dielectric shoes is stored in protective dark place at temperature from 5 to 20 C relative humidity of 50-70% on distance not less than 1 m from heating appliances. Shoes this should not come into contact with benzene and other solvents. At least once in 6 months. its dielectric properties are tested according to GOST.
For protection from chemical, especially aggressive substances (acids, alkalis), used rubber boots, resistant to the influence of these substances. Boots must be sift-proof, easy to clean from chemical contamination. After work shoes must be neutralized through from acid with a solution of baking soda and caustic solution organic acids, after which the surface of the Shoe is washed out by water. Rubber boots should be stored in a room protected from the action of sunlight, at a temperature from 0 to 20. For protection against mechanical damage apply footwear with outer or inner protective metal toe caps. Shoes miners are envisaged side zipper deaf valve cover. When working with vibration is applied special vibromasa shoes, the outer soles of which are made of multi-layer porous rubber. Removable insoles are made of porous materials.
For protection against radioactive contamination used rubber boots, rubber and plastic Shoe covers. The shoes must be removed in a certain place, to take her from the institution is prohibited.