Special handling

Special processing complex of measures for sanitary treatment of people, deactivation, decontamination and disinfection personal weapons, military equipment and weapons, transport, means of protection, material, medical and other types of property contaminated with the products of nuclear explosions (UNE), poisonous substances (S) and pathogens. Special processing is one of the mandatory measures for elimination of consequences of the use by the enemy of weapons of mass destruction. Its main purpose is to prevent the defeat of the personnel of UNE and S caught on exposed areas of skin, clothes and surface of objects that touch people.
Special handling may be partial and full.
Partial special treatment includes: partial sanitary treatment of personnel (see Sanitary treatment of the troops), partial deactivation (cm), degassing (see) and disinfection of weapons and equipment. She usually carried out without suspension of execution of combat missions and other urgent works by people who were caught up in the enemy uses of nuclear and chemical weapons.
In areas of loss UNE partial sanitary treatment, if necessary, be reduced to mechanical removal of radioactive particles or wash hands, face and neck with water; partial deactivation is a removal of these substances by obreteniya cloth, grass, branches, wiping rags surface personal weapons, military equipment and weapons, with which the personnel in contact in the process of fulfilling combat tasks. While infecting S partial sanitary processing is quick neutralization got on exposed areas of the body and outfit drops S using the IPP or other degassing funds. Partial degassing of weapons, equipment and other objects is carried out using special degassing sets.
Execution of all works for partial requires special treatment from the troops and units fairly good training, training and training.
Full special processing is the final stage in the complex of measures on elimination of consequences of the use by the enemy of weapons of mass destruction. Full special treatment includes full sanitary processing of the people, full deactivation, decontamination and disinfection of clothing, footwear, equipment, military equipment, weapons, material, medical and other property. Is it after the execution of combat missions and other urgent works in the areas of operation and location of troops and units, as well as on the special processing (JI), deployed units of the chemical forces, and obmocna-decontamination points, deployable forces and institutions.
On these points equipped playgrounds for sanitary treatment of personnel, processing, clothing, footwear and equipment, means of protection, arms, military equipment and transport. Sanitization on JI is carried out under the guidance and supervision of health care providers (skinstructure, assistant). It is in the handling of the mucous membranes and hygienic body wash and change of linen.
Full special processing of inventories and medical property may be carried out on separate items of special treatment, deployed near the bases for the storage of this property.
Full special processing is performed using special obivochnogo, decontamination and disinfection of equipment, cleaning, degassing and disinfectants. Due to the fact that, for the full special handling needs a lot of water, Empty most appropriate to deploy near water bodies and water sources.
Full - degassing, decontamination and disinfection of weapons, equipment and transport equipment, protection means and other property is made on a separate site with the use of special technical means (disinfectants-showers - DDA, autodigestion station - AGV, bouchelkia installation BOO, water dispensing station - ARS), decontamination kits, motor pumps and other tools available on the equipment of units of chemical troops and the ST.
All events for special treatment are carried out with observance of measures of protection of the respiratory organs and the skin.