Semen is a mixture of the secret of the testicles, epididymis, seminal vesicles, the prostate, urethral glands, which contains the sperm. Sperm externally - light gray mass, slightly opalescent, cloudy, viscous, with a pungent smell. The sperm are released at the moment of ejaculation, called the ejaculate.
Ejaculate - turbid liquid alkaline reaction with specific gravity of 1,020-1,040. Volume of ejaculate on average equal to 2-6 ml, sometimes, an increasing amount to 25-30 ml (polyspermia), which reduces fertilizing ability of sperm. The decrease in the volume of sperm (oligospermia) is associated with the disease of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.
Viscosity semen gradually decreases and after 20-30 minutes sperm becomes liquid. White sperm is explained by the presence of sperm and lecithin grains, brown and red-brown color semen is associated with blood (hemospermia) and indicate disease sexual glands or urethra. Prostatic secret thins sperm and is, like the secret of the seminal vesicles, nourishing environment for sperm.

the sperm and the egg
The sperm to the egg attack

The main part of the sperm are the sperm is the male sex cells. Sperm cells develop in the testicles from germ cells (spermatogonia), passing phase spermatocyte, prestarted and presented. The sperm of a man consists of a head and a tail, which distinguish the main, coupling and terminal thread. In the head is the core with it housed the genetic information (see Heredity).
The number of sperm in the ejaculate varies widely, the norm is considered 60-80 million in 1 ml decrease in the number of sperm cells (oligozoospermia) often leads to infertility. The complete absence of sperm (azoospermia) may be with the defeat of the testicles (secretory azoospermia) and in violation of patency of the seminal tract (obstructive or mechanical azoospermia).
Sperm contain about 90% water, 6% organic and 4% of inorganic substances. The content of proteins (albumins and globulins) ranges from 450 to 700 mg%, nelegalami nitrogen compounds is about 100 mg%, lipids - 100-200 mg%, fructose to 250 mg%citric acid - from 100 to 1500 mg%.
A study of sperm produced for different purposes: for example, to establish the causes of infertility in forensic practice in civil cases on divorce and paternity; in addition, when criminal cases of rape explore seed spots (see).
Before the study of sperm 3-5-day abstinence. Cum get Masturbation (see) or (better) when interrupted sexual intercourse, is collected into a clean glass or a test tube with a glass stopper. Method of intake of sperm into the condom does not spread because there comes a rapid decline in sperm motility. It is important to get the whole ejaculate and especially its first portion, which contains 75% of all the sperm. Getting ejaculate by massage prostate currently left. For the study of sperm must be delivered to the laboratory not later as in 50 minutes drive from the moment of ejaculation, the temperature in the test tube with the sperm must be 18 to 25 degrees.
At disease of the sex glands and the urethra in the semen found erythrocytes and leucocytes.