Sometimes in the scrotum arise cystic formations associated with testis, epididymis or semyavynosyaschego duct. They contain sperm and are called the seed cysts, or spermatocele. Having usually a small sizes (up to 2-3 cm in diameter), spermatocele not worried sick. At a palpation is a round fluktuiruyushchimi nebraskane education. The diagnosis to be confirmed by puncture of the cyst, its contents are detected sperm. Treatment of spermatocele - surgical. In the absence of complaints of the patient, and a small size of spermatocele you not to resort to surgical treatment, and limited medical supervision.

Spermatocele is the seed testicular cyst. Can be formed from morganii of hydatid due to obliteration canaliculi of the epididymis or VAS flow, caused by inflammation and injury. Formed cyst contains seminal fluid, can have up to 5 cm in diameter, solid elastic consistence, smooth, painless. If tends to increase, it is recommended that surgical removal.

Seed cysts are predominantly in the upper pole of the appendage. Their surface is smooth, elastic consistence, sizes - from hazel to chicken eggs. In transmitted light they Shine. Cysts include watery liquid milky white with a large number of motile and non-motile sperm.
Seed cysts are asymptomatic or cause a feeling of pressure, pulling pain in the groin. From hydrocele they differ in that they clearly define the contours of the testis and have sperm in punctate cysts.
Asymptomatic spermatocele not require treatment. Cysts that have reached a significant size and causing pain, subject to vilasini or excision surgery.