mercury sphygmomanometer
Mercury sphygmomanometer.

Sphygmomanometry - measurement of blood pressure with the help of the device - sphygmomanometer. There are mercury sphygmomanometers (Fig.), which in practice are called devices Riva rocci, and spring, in practice, called a sphygmomanometer. Sphygmomanometer consists of mercury or spring pressure gauge, rubber cuff imposed usually on the shoulder of the patient, rubber tubes, tee, which cuff is connected with pressure gauge and cylinder, forcing the air, and the valve opening which you can adjust the air outlet of the cuff. There are auscultation, palpation and oscillographic methods sphygmomanometry.
The auscultatory method of sphygmomanometry (Korotkov method) allows the measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure (see Blood pressure). On palpation method, gradually releasing the air from the cuff, palpation determine what the reading of the gauge appears first pulse kick the radial artery. This value corresponds to a systolic blood pressure. Blood pressure may be registered graphically using the sphygmomanometer, connected to the recorder device, - oscillographic method (see Oscillographe).