Pathology of the spinal cord

Depending affected if only gray matter, or affected only white substance, or has at the same time the defeat and white and gray matter, develop relevant clinical picture. With the defeat of gray matter may suffer the front horns, and then the patient occurs paralysis of the muscles that occurs when the polio (see), spinal disease (see muscular Atrophy, secondary) and other diseases. If such lesions are interrupted reflex arc due to the death of motor parts, muscle is deprived of trophic centre (its nerve cells) - in these cases comes reflectory, atonic and atrophic paralysis. With the defeat of the rear horns or gray matter in the Central channel, where the intersection of the second neuron conductors skin sensitivity, there is a loss of pain and temperature sensation in the relevant skin segments. This type of loss of sensitivity is called the ass-nalogovym, or segmental, meets with those of syringomyelia (see). Defeat the back of the spermatic cord when the spinal " dryness" (see) is the loss of muscle and joints sensitivity, sensitive ataxia and discoordination in those departments who are deprived of communication with cortical part of the analyzer. Defeat the side of the spermatic cord is characterized by loss of pain and temperature sensitivity on conduction type on the opposite side of the Body (see Sensitivity). Lateral cord passes also the pyramid way, defeat, which is manifested by paralysis, called the Central ones (see Paralysis, paresis). It is characterized by the increased reflexes and muscle tone (spastic paralysis) without muscular atrophy.
Defeat the side of the spermatic cord, where the cerebellar path that leads to discoordination movements, cerebellar ataxia, which often occurs if multiple sclerosis (see) or the encephalomyelitis (see).
Finally, cross the defeat of a spinal cord (if myelitis, tumors, trauma) leads to a spastic paralysis and loss of all kinds of sensitivity below the hearth. In the picture of the cross-lesion of the spinal cord enters and disorder urinating (urinary retention). The defeat of a spinal cord to the sacral segments leads to disorder of pelvic organs functions - incontinence or retention of urine and feces. Complete loss of sensitivity with lateral spinal cord injury leads to the rapid development of bedsores. Half the defeat of the cross-section of the spinal cord at squeeze tumor syndrome manifests the brown-séquard - paralysis and loss of muscle and joint sensitivity on the same side and loss of pain and temperature sensation on the opposite (see the brown-séquard syndrome). In pathological process, located at the intervertebral hole (acoustic or osteovit), can be stavlenniku not only front and rear roots, but also held the vessel, which will result in acute or chronic ischemia of the anterior horn and the pyramid of the way. In these cases will not only be a pain in innervation zone stavlenniku spine, but atrophic paresis or paralysis simultaneously with pathological reflexes (the so-called syndrome of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis).
The defeat of the cauda equina manifested flaccid paralysis of foot with the disorder of all kinds of sensitivity and pelvic disorders.
The establishment of the nature of the lesion of the spinal cord helps the study of cerebrospinal fluid (see) and radiopaque research methodology (see MRI).