Tumors of the spinal cord

Tumors occur at any age. In relation to the spinal cord they are extracerebral (extramedullary), emerging from the roots, membranes and blood vessels, and intracerebral (intramedullary), located in the substance of the spinal cord. Extramedullary tumors can be above the Dura mater (epidural) or below it (subdural). The nature of tumors are usually benign - type neurinomas or meningiomas. Can meet primary malignant tumors, metastatic cancer and sarcoma.
Tumors of the spinal cord clinically manifested progressive progressive slot condition of the spinal cord, the level of which is determined on the localization of radicular pain and conductive disorders of sensitivity. For the cervical and lumbar vertebral column are set to decrease or loss of tendon reflexes on the limbs, muscle tone, the development of muscle atrophy in the location of tumors in the medium and nizhnegorodsky levels decrease or loss of abdominal reflexes.
In topical diagnosis is important x-ray examination with the use of contrast agents, and radioisotopes.
Treatment. Surgery for tumors of the spinal cord are the only method that resolves the spinal cord compression. Access to tumors of the spinal cord is carried out using a laminectomy (see). When intramedullary tumors produce a decompressive laminectomy with subsequent radiotherapy.