Spirochetes is a large group of infectious diseases of humans and animals, pathogens which are pathogenic spirochetes (see).
Spirochetes are widespread. Many spirochetes studied enough. The most studied spirochetes are divided into the following groups.
1. Spirochetes intestinal, which include leptospirosis (see).
2. Spirochetes respiratory tract (bronchial spirochetes is a disease found in tropical countries, at least in America and Europe).
3. Spirochetes blood, or transmitted transmitted by lice or mites, relapsing fever (see).
4. Spirochetes outer skin, which include syphilis (see), frambesia, bejel, pint.
To spirochetosis also include diseases caused by Association spirohet and bacteria: angina Simanovsky - Plaut - Vincent, ulcerative stomatitis, frederickou ulcer tropics, etc. In the treatment of most spirochetosis successfully apply some chemotherapy drugs (derivatives arsenic), and antibiotics.
Methods of treatment and prevention are defined specifically for each spirohetozah.