Splanchnology (the doctrine about the internals)

The person actually allocate the body (soma) and the inside (viscera). To the body consist of leather and locomotor apparatus.
Locomotor apparatus involved in the construction of containers or body cavities for placement of internal organs. The internal parts are combined into three systems: digestive (systema digestorium), respiratory (systema respiratorium), and urinary (systema urogenitale).
In addition, in the section on internal organs are studied cancer without ducts (glandulae sine ductibus), United in the endocrine system. All the internal organs can be moved due to the reduction of smooth muscles, the tension of the abdominal wall or respiratory movements of the diaphragm. This shift causes some changes in the external shape of the body, but they are not as noticeable thanks to sliding parietal and visceral sheets serous cavities, which is facilitated due to the presence of serous fluid.