Planchettes - sagging abdominal organs may develop as a result of excessive physical stress, weakening of muscles of the abdomen, congenital neuromuscular fatigue, significant weight loss, postural disorders, multiple complicated delivery, sedentary lifestyles. The disease appears pain in podlojecna area, right upper quadrant and the navel which are on the rise after a meal, a long walk, exhausting physical work. In patients with reduced working capacity, they are concerned insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, irritability, memory impairment, belching, heaviness in the abdomen, bloating.
The most common omission of a stomach (bathygastry). In the treatment of this disease are diet, restorative activities, wearing a special bandage, medical physical culture. The main task of medical physical culture - strengthening the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. To solve this problem with the help of General developmental and special exercises: turns, abduction, coercion and rotation of the hips, pulled back passage, sit-UPS, walk krestnym step. It is recommended to use the original position lying on a back with a raised pelvis, lying on his stomach on the side, kneeling on all fours.
In severe forms of spanchevtsi stationary regime can last for about a month.
I the period of medical physical culture corresponds to a 1-week rest. Duration of one lesson at this time is 15-20 minutes (cleaned every day). Then begins the second period, which can last more than a month. Duration of lessons can be increased, and the number of classes to finish up to two a day: 1st morning, 2nd in 2-3 hours after eating.
In Fig. 8 shows a sample set of physical exercises to practice in the first 4-6 weeks (C. L. Stepanova). The pace of the exercise slow.
Subsequently, during 1-1,5 months after discharge from hospital, transferred to the exercises, which strengthen the muscles of the whole body, the development of correct posture and gradually to exercise, with the provisions of sitting and standing (Fig.9).

planchettes exercise therapy in pictures
Fig. 8. A sample set of exercises to practice in the first 4-6 weeks with the omission of the abdominal cavity (C. L. Stepanova)

Fig. 9. A sample set of exercises with the omission of the abdominal cavity to practice within 1-1,5 months after discharge from hospital (C. L. Stepanova)