Splenectomy - operation is removal of the spleen. Make splenectomy with tears and wounds, tumors and cysts, some vascular diseases of the spleen (thrombosis of the veins, aneurysm), tromboliticescoy splenomegaly and a number of other diseases (see Spleen). Access is from the top of the median laparotomy (see), in the presence of growths and splenomegaly is from the section going askew, parallel to the left costal arch or of thoraco-abdominal access VIII intercostal space on the left with the transition to the front abdominal wall. When splenectomy cross between two ligatures ligaments spleen and splenic vessels (arteries and veins)going into the splenic the "leg". At rupture of the spleen blood, shed abroad in the abdominal cavity, take out, filtered through 4-6 layers of gauze and put the patient. Patients care after splenectomy - see the Postoperative period.
After removal of the spleen activities it is completely compensated by the lymph nodes. Sometimes there is an increasing number of erythrocytes and leucocytes blood, lymphocytosis, swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck, armpit, inguinal folds.