Sporotrichosis (synonym disease Bermann) is a fungal disease that affects the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
Pathogen - mushrooms of the genus Sporotrichum that live in the soil and on plants. In the human body pathogen penetrates through the damaged skin (stabbing thorns, thorns plants, straw), through the mucous membranes, as well as with food, water, and dust. Cases of human infection from patients sporotrichosis animals (in particular, rats). More sick people in rural areas.

Fig. 1. Sporotrichosis a chancre.

In a localized form in place of implementation of the fungus, often on the hands and fingers, raised bumps solid elastic consistence, the skin above them is a dark red hue. Hearth blackened dead tissue and forms an ulcer with ragged edges and covered with crust,- sporotrichosis a chancre (Fig. 1). Along the lymphatic vessels are formed new homes. For disseminated forms (the disease is spread by hematogenous) nodes and ulcers occur in different parts of the skin. Rarely observed visceral form of sporotrichosis flowing as sepsis.
The diagnosis of localized forms of sporotrichosis put in the presence of sporotrichosis of chancre and secondary centers along the lymphatic vessels. Disseminated form must be differentiated from other deep mycosis. To confirm the diagnosis should be allocated culture the fungus research punctate of newscritics nodes and inoculation of pathological material of white rats.
Treatment: re 3-4 week course (with a break of 1 week) nystatin 4 000 000 - 5 000 000 IU (in combination with sulfadimezinom 4-5 e) a day: 50% solution of potassium iodide (from 3-5 drops of up to 40 to 50 drops three times a day in milk after a meal). Lesions treated with liquid Castellani, Lugol solution and 5-10% solution of silver nitrate. Surgery (removing nodes, their breaking) is contraindicated.
The forecast. The disease is chronic, requires long-term and systematic treatment.
Prevention is thorough and timely processing of skin injuries, especially among those engaged in agricultural labor. Cm. Fungal diseases of the skin.