If you want to be healthy...

Sports have become younger. On the podium, we see quite young athletes children 13-14 years. But before to climb to the top step of honour, it is necessary many and to train seriously. And here from a pediatrician much depends. It is necessary not only to help to choose the form of sport activities in accordance with the possibilities of the child and to trace the nature of the loads. Children's emotional, drags them all, especially team sports (e.g. football, hockey),' but the pediatrician has to know the specific features of each sport, which is attended by the children. Our task is not to reach a temporary record of results, and the development of healthy, harmoniously developed person. To do this, it is important to help your child learn self-control and self-esteem of the loads, which is necessary to maintain in training and competitions. We need to teach it and coaches, and parents.
Here is an example. 10-year-old boy, his parents enrolled in two sections - tennis and swimming, and the child is 4 times a week trained with full load. Six months later, her parents noticed that the child was dull and listless, in the morning did not want to get up and go to school, decreased appetite. He was pale, her eyes were sunken, under the eyes were blue. In the Cabinet to me baby just made and wearily sat down in the chair... It is not simply had to be liberated from training, and immediately referred for treatment.
When such "training" changes of metabolic processes in the heart Muscle can be so deep that Professor C. C. Khrushchev even calls them "children's heart".
That is why it is so important for the pediatrician to know at what age can children be interested in sports and how fast train.
Recently in the 2-nd Moscow medical Institute. N. I. Pirogov, a special group of students, of which began to prepare specialists in sports medicine, including for work with children.