Sports facilities

Sports facilities - special facilities for physical exercises: sports grounds and stadiums, swimming pools, skating rinks, sports halls, etc. to provide the most favorable conditions for physical exercises and sports facilities are built taking into account the special sanitary-and-hygienic requirements, which are governed by sanitary rules of the maintenance of sports facilities approved by the Ministry of health of the USSR.
In the construction of sports facilities take into account the prevailing winds and location of pollution sources. Swimming pools for swimming in natural reservoirs constructed at a sufficient distance from discharge of sewage, livestock watering, etc., With the purpose of protection from dust sports facilities surrounded by trees. The playing fields and Jogging tracks must have the ground, that absorb and outflow of rainwater, and smooth, non-dusting surface. To prevent possible personal injury fences and benches are placed not closer than 1.5 m to 2 m from the sports fields; for jumping pits should be well loosened; gorodechnyi, hockey and places for throwing shield. The ice thickness at the loading rollers must be at least 5-6 and on natural water bodies - not less than 16-18 cm; the ice surface should be smooth, without cracks and potholes, illumination rink in the evening time it shall be not less than 50 Lux, and during a hockey game - not less than 100 Lux. The depth in the pools for swimming can be from 1 to 2 m (with a gradual decrease of the bottom), and in the pools for swimming students of children - from 70 to 120 cm; in places for jumping the depth of the pool should be between 3.5 to 5 m (depending on the height of the tower). For treatment (filtration), neutralization (often by chlorination) and heating up the water in the pools there is a special equipment. In closed basins in winter the temperature should be within the 24 - 26th, water temperature 22-24 degrees (for children 24-25 degrees). In the outdoor pools in autumn and winter, the water is warmed up to the temperature 28-29 degrees. In sports halls walls should be without ridges covered with an oil paint (for easier cleaning) to the level of not less than 1.75 m from the floor heaters are placed in the niches. The air temperature in the halls of the winter within 13-15 degrees. Ventilation - air supply and exhaust, with the calculation of the exchange of air 80 m3/hour for one student. Natural light in sports halls the most convenient bilateral, light factor not less than 1:6; artificial lighting value of the illumination shall be not less than 100-150 LK.
Subsidiary premises in the sport facilities (dressing rooms, recreation rooms, canteens, shower rooms, toilets and others) are being constructed in accordance with the official building and sanitary norms.
Supervision of sanitary-hygienic condition of sports facilities by medical professionals, serving the staff of the enterprise, schools, who owns this sports facility, as well as local sanitary-epidemiological service. This is one of the types of medical control (see) in physical education. While you are attending pay attention to the observance of basic sanitary and hygiene requirements: daily cleaning and watering sports grounds for 30-40 minutes before class obligatory reception of the hygienic shower before entering the pool, the prohibition of access to the sports hall in normal shoes and clothes, cleaning the hall 1-2 times a day, wiping sports equipment, compulsory ventilation of the room to practice and between them, warning of possible injuries (for example, verifying vrijednosti pits for jumps, health gymnastic equipment and other). The results of sanitary-hygienic supervision making a special magazines that identified deficiencies be brought to the attention of the heads of practice.