Sports shoes

Sports shoes are additional requirements. The main ones are reliable protection from mechanical damage and dampness, lightness and durability, no-slip soles. Requirements for shoes for different kinds of sport are different. For tourism shoes should be well adapted in the leg. Shoes worn on two socks (cotton and wool). Sock worn in any weather (even in summer), so as wool absorbs moisture and therefore prevents the athletes wear feet. Mountain boots made from thick leather for double soles, to which, if necessary, attach the metal spikes and metal "cats". Shoes for speed skating - light, with a narrow sole and welts, for better stability on ice skates. For figure skating apply high boots, a warning stretching of the ligaments of the ankle joint. Boots for ski sports should be with flexible soles for possible bending in the metatarsophalangeal joint. Style slalom higher with thick nishibayashi sole, for fixation of ankle, there are special belts. Athletic shoes must be light, soft leather, without solid backdrops and socks, without rough seams. Solid sole strengthened with metal spikes. Football produce shoes without heels, with sustainable toe and heel, on thorns. Shoes for wrestlers to be made of sturdy leather, they are covering the ankle; sole should not slide.

Sports shoes. For sports shoes have the following hygienic requirements: reliable protection feet from mechanical and thermal influences and dampness, perhaps less weight, eliminate slip soles, strength, flexibility, ease of use. For Acting skiers or climbers have the most value heat-shielding properties, impermeability and loose fitting, allowing to wear two pairs of wool socks. Mountain boots made from thick leather on the double bottom is designed for attaching metal studs (Triana) and metal "cats"; shoes for skiers have light, flexible sole, allowing bending the metatarsophalangeal joint. Boots for slalom and jumpers from a springboard - higher, with thick nishibayashi sole, for fixation of ankle, there are special belts. Shoes skating - light, with the narrower soles than ordinary shoes, welts for better stability on ice skates; they should be well fit the foot, not pulling it, to avoid putting woolen sock. Figure skates produce high (not less than 8 cm above the ankle) shoes to prevent sprains ankle joint.
Athletic shoes should be particularly easy. They are made of elastic skin, tight-fitting leg, without solid backdrops, socks and lining, without rough seams and folds inside; on the hard soles of shoes strengthen metal spikes.
Football boots do without heels, with sustainable toe and heel; attached to soles spikes must not have outstanding metal parts. Shoes for wrestlers, boxers, weightlifters made from strong, soft leather, covering the ankle, with soft backs, insoles and soles; on the bottom of the stick thin rubber, warning slip during exercise.