Comparative data of x-ray and electroodontodiagnosis

In any case periapical hearth rarefaction for trephination teeth without preliminary study of elektrovozoremontnij to resort should not be.
Research elektrovozoremontnij 123| teeth was sent patient who complained of slow-growing tumor in the anterior third of the hard palate. Only in recent times the consumption of solid food causes mild soreness in the area of the swelling. Simultaneously, there was a slight pain at namazyvanii 3|.
When viewed in the sky respectively 4-1| defined tumor the size of a hazelnut, dense on palpation and slightly painful B centre. 54| covered with metal crowns, 321| intact, in color are not changed. Percussion 5-1| pain occurs only in 3|.
Radiograph in the root channel 4| defined filling material (running about 1/2 root canal); 21| and part 3| alveolar region atrofiroval about 1/3 the length of the root; in the area of 432| defined bone defect size 3-2,5 cm with a clear smooth contours. Against the background of this defect is projected root 3|; periodontal gap can be traced only by rear its outline.
The conclusion of the radiologist: radicular cyst in the field 3|.
Research data of elektrovozoremontnij: 1| 7 of the MCA, 2| - 7 of the MCA, 3| - 9 MCA. It is obvious that none of the investigated teeth could not be the cause of radicular cysts. Insignificant reduction of elektrovozoremontnij, presumably, is the result of mechanical compression cyst neurovascular bundles 321|. It seemed natural to assume that the cause cysts is deponirovannye 4|, root canal filled with a filling material only half.
Made tomography fully confirmed our assumption.
There is no doubt that with sufficient quantity of hotbed rarefaction tomography may have a significant services in the definition of "guilty" of the tooth. However, with a small foci (granuloma, granulating periodontitis) radiography is not enough, and the question of "causal" the tooth can be solved only after electroodontodiagnosis.