Average health worker

Average health worker specialist with secondary medical education, working in different medical-prophylactic, sanitary and epidemiological institutions and research medical institutes. Specialization and responsibilities paramedical workers are determined by the nature and objectives of the clinic, in which he works.
In hospitals, polyclinics are older, ward nurses, operating sister, datcentre, laboratory assistants, rentgenotechnika and rentgenology, dental technicians, therapists and others In the health centres, maternal and child health consultations - visiting nurses, health houses, rural health centres, medical assistants and midwives, on the epidemiological stations , assistants, sanitary doctors and doctors-epidemiologists, dezinfektory and others In drugstores, chemist's warehouses, control and analytical laboratories are working pharmacists with secondary education (assistant pharmacist).
Under a physician average health worker is actively involved in the treatment and care, the study of the conditions of their work and everyday life, leads health supervision over the sanitary condition of assigned objects and so on, In some cases (health houses, rural health posts) average medical workers work on their own - provide first medical aid, including obstetrics, conduct a variety of sanitary-preventive work, are responsible for the health and sanitary conditions of the accepted collective. In all cases (when necessary) Average health worker is obliged to provide first medical aid.
Training of nurses is carried out in medical schools, further specialization and improvement - courses of specialization and improvements (see Medical education, secondary). During the years of Soviet power the number of nurses and the provision of the population of our country has increased significantly (see Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, medical personnel and medical education).
Cm. also the Midwife, Getinstruction, Sanitizer, laboratory Assistant, Assistant of the doctor-epidemiologist, Assistant medical officer, Roentgenologist, Rentgenotechnika, the medical Sister.